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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Isabel to pass out?
(a) Her medicine.
(b) The heat of the day on Korma.
(c) Trying to outrun the police.
(d) Running from a volcanic explosion.

2. What does Cuquita tell Azucena that she should do with her sadness?
(a) Use it as motivation to find her Twin Soul.
(b) Offer it to the Universe and move on.
(c) Use it as inspiration to create.
(d) Appropriate it, capture it within here.

3. What does Azucena discover about the Pyramid of Love?
(a) Something wonderful happened to her there in a past life.
(b) She realizes that she saw it in an earlier life, just before dying, and that by finding it, she would know where she died.
(c) It is powerful.
(d) She cannot find the capstone.

4. Why does Cuquita want to live with a new person?
(a) To try to create the kind of romantic relationship she has dreamed of.
(b) To free herself from old habits.
(c) To show the neighbors that her family life has changed.
(d) To begin a new life.

5. What is the mood in chapter eleven?
(a) Depressing, as Isabel's romantica prospects dwindle.
(b) Tense, as Isabel tries to position herself politically and eliminate plots against her.
(c) Hopeful, as Isabel prepares for her upcoming political election.
(d) Excitement, as Isabel puts together a new team, and they all come together to create something new.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator of chapter fourteen argue needs to be changed internally?

2. What does Azucena beg Anacreonte for?

3. Who fights with Rodrigo (mistaking his identity) on the way back to Earth?

4. What is it about Azucena that Cuquita is jealous of?

5. What does Azucena organize in chapter fourteen?

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