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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the printout from Cuquita's invention tell Azucena?
(a) "I will arrive soon."
(b) "I once felt alone too."
(c) "My dear child, you are going to see him much sooner than you think."
(d) "You have the inner strength to overcome any obstacle."

2. What does Azucena believe happened to Rodrigo?
(a) Someone erased his memory.
(b) He is blocked by a negative childhood memory.
(c) Somehow he has damaged his aura with negativity.
(d) He needs spiritual guidance.

3. What does Azucena practice on her way to the planet Korma?
(a) Her public speaking skills.
(b) Kissing.
(c) Performing a traditional dance.
(d) Introducing herself.

4. At the end of chapter fourteen, who comes to check up on the narrator?
(a) Lilith.
(b) Azucena.
(c) Mammon.
(d) His Guardian Angel.

5. Who is Nergal?
(a) He is Anacreonte's boss.
(b) The chief of Hell's secret police.
(c) He is Isabel's public relations specialist.
(d) Azucena's former neighbor.

6. What does Azucena organize in chapter fourteen?
(a) A plan to revitalize her love life.
(b) A guerrilla war.
(c) A political plan to destroy Isabel.
(d) Plans to work together with Carmela.

7. What does Azucena believe that the images reveal about Isabel Gonzalez's past?
(a) Isabel has not been honest about her relationship with her daughter.
(b) Isabel hurt others in order to gain political popularity.
(c) Isabel implanted a microcomputer in her brain to cover up a dark past.
(d) Isabel has used Dr. Diez's research to help her to publicize the good deeds of her past life.

8. What does Anacreonte run through with Azucena before giving her what she wants?
(a) His advice about Twin Souls.
(b) The Law of Love.
(c) His advice about how to navigate negativity.
(d) The Law of Correspondence.

9. What is it about Azucena that Cuquita is jealous of?
(a) That she is an Evo.
(b) Her two bedroom apartment.
(c) Her hair.
(d) Her Guardian Angel.

10. What does the Law of Correspondence say?
(a) The Law of Love is the supreme law.
(b) Our attitude is what shapes our lives.
(c) We can attract the person we were meant to be within our lifetime.
(d) We are responsible for our happiness.

11. While watching the Televirtual, where does Cuquita see a volcanic explosion?
(a) Right outside her apartment.
(b) In the state of Tabasco.
(c) The planet Korma.
(d) Near her childhood home.

12. What televirtualized images does Cuquita share with the others?
(a) Images of Isabel during the Mexican Revolution.
(b) Their own figures as suspects belonging to a guerrilla group.
(c) The volcano that they saw in person.
(d) Images of Isabel as Mother Teresa.

13. What does Azucena see in images of Rodrigo's memory from the photomental camera?
(a) How he fought in a bloody war.
(b) His recollection of being a child in Tenochtitlan.
(c) When he was a Spanish woman, on a boat to Mexico.
(d) How he was raped.

14. Who does Rodrigo fall in love with after returning to Earth?
(a) Ex-Azucena.
(b) Isabel.
(c) Cuquita.
(d) Citlali.

15. After seeing the news, who does Azucena believe is trying to kill her?
(a) Mammon.
(b) Cuquita.
(c) Rodrigo.
(d) Isabel.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Azucena and Cuquita arrive to Korma?

2. What is the mood in chapter eleven?

3. According to the narrator of chapter fourteen, what is the most common obstacle to the fulfillment of Divine Will?

4. Who exchanges bodies on Korma?

5. What happens as Azucena and her friends are chased by the police?

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