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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 37-39.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Albert leave behind on the footpath on his way from the Chalet?
(a) His watch.
(b) A sock.
(c) A newspaper page.
(d) A slipper.

2. At the beginning of Chapter 33, what operation has Albert undergone?
(a) Debridement.
(b) Leg amputation.
(c) Trepanning.
(d) Rhinoplasty

3. What epidemic does Albert note seems to spread among the wives of his fellow scholars?
(a) An epidemic of charity.
(b) An epidemic of headaches.
(c) An epidemic of forgetfullness.
(d) An epidemic of disapproval.

4. What did Albert notice about Paul when he came to collect his sister's things?
(a) Paul was quieter than usual.
(b) Paul was clenching his fists.
(c) Paul had shaved clumsily.
(d) Paul's clothes were covered in mud.

5. What is the only topic Albert is not frank about with Elisabeth?
(a) Money.
(b) Lust.
(c) Politics.
(d) His job.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long did Axel stay at Margot's flat?

2. Margot insists that she and Albert move to ________________.

3. What does Axel ask Dorianna at the end of Chapter 23?

4. What does Albert offer to do to the movie to calm Margot?

5. What does Axel give to Margot after they leave the dinner party?

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