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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-3)


Chapters 1-3

"Laughter in the Dark" was originally written in Russian, the author's mother tongue. Later, when the novel was translated into English by another author, Nabokov took it upon himself to translate it more accurately, as Nabokov was a multi-lingual writer. Perhaps, the work he is most known for is "Lolita." This lesson discusses the author of "Laughter in the Dark," Vladimir Nabokov.


1) Library Research: Have the students research Vladimir Nabokov. Explore the other works he has written, as well as his background. Take a look at critical essays and other documentation to gain information on his writing and where "Laughter in the Dark" fits in with his other novels.

2) Presentation: Have students get into pairs and prepare a presentation, using their research, on Nabokov and his canon. Have each group read an excerpt from different novels written by Nabokov during their presentation. At...

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