Laughter in the Dark Character Descriptions

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Albert Albinus - This character is a middle-aged art critic living in Berlin.

Margot Peters - This lead character has aspirations of acting.

Axel Rex - This character was recently a cartoonist living in New York.

Elisabeth Albinus - This character is a delicate-skinned 35-year-old wife.

Irma Albinus - This character slowly dies of pneumonia.

Herr Baum - This character has just published a 500-page novel set in Ceylon.

Udo Conrad - This character would write in French if it did not mean abandoning all that he has learned.

Emelia - This character is hired in Switzerland.

Freida - This character is a maid in Berlin.

Sonia Hirsch - This character speaks nonsense hurriedly and blushes.

Paul Hochenwart - This characters spends most evenings at his sister's house.

Boris von Ivanoff - This character is lean, ferrety, with bad teeth and an eyeglass.

Dorianna Karenina - This...

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