The Latin Deli: An Ars Poetica Short Essay - Answer Key

Judith Ortiz Cofer
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1. How does the girl describe life in her apartment building?

Life in the girl's apartment building can be loud. The building is filled with other Puerto Ricans also saving to buy houses. Loud salsa music can always be heard and the smell of spicy food drifts around the building.

2. How does the girl's mother respond to the girl going to visit Eugene?

The girl's mother is shocked that the girl would go visit Eugene the day that the president was shot. The mother feels that they should stay home as a family and mourn.

3. What does the girl's family plan to do the day the president is shot?

The girl's family plans to mourn for the president. They will stay silent in the house and later go to church.

4. What does Eugene's mother say to the girl when she comes to visit?

When the girl goes to visit Eugene, his mother tells her to go home. She says that Eugene doesn't need her help to study and that they won't be living there long anyway.

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