Daily Lessons for Teaching The Latin Deli: An Ars Poetica

Judith Ortiz Cofer
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Objective: The death of President Kennedy deeply moves the girl's family. The objective of this lesson is to analyze the importance of Kennedy to the girl's family.

1) Class discussion: How did the girl learn that Kennedy was dead? How did she respond? How did her classmates respond? What was the girl's mother watching on TV when Kennedy died? How did her mother react? What did her mother think they should do as a family? Why didn't the girl's mother want her to go out? For days after Kennedy's death, what did the girl's family do? How did her mother dress? What did the people in the girl's apartment building do? What was the mood at El Building?

2) Group work: In groups, students will create a web representing the feelings, emotions and actions of the people in El Building, specifically the girl's family, in response to Kennedy's death...

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