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Alfred Uhry
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Adolph say about the sweater?
(a) Adolph says he will never wear it.
(b) Adolph protests that he loves it.
(c) Adolph says he hates it.
(d) Adolph says nothing.

2. What does Sunny do when she hears the conductor call out "All aboard?"
(a) She panics.
(b) She tells Joe good bye.
(c) She cries.
(d) She falls asleep.

3. What does Adolph explain about the Jewish club?
(a) Non-Jews want to go.
(b) Non-Jews would not want to go.
(c) Many Jews do not want to go.
(d) Only young Jews are allowed to go.

4. What does Peachy do to Joe, unintentionally?
(a) He humiliates him.
(b) He surprises him.
(c) He worries him.
(d) He shocks him.

5. Why does Peachy not seem to care about what is going on in Europe?
(a) He is not of European descent.
(b) His family has been in Louisiana for a hundred and fifty years.
(c) He does not like Europe.
(d) His family is too busy to care about what is happening in Europe.

6. How does Lala react to this greeting?
(a) She is angry to receive this greeting.
(b) She is so surprised to hear this that she faints.
(c) She is very embarrassed.
(d) She is very excited.

7. Why is Boo upset about the gift?
(a) She hates fruit cake.
(b) She does not celebrate Christmas.
(c) She hates watermelon pickles.
(d) She is upset with Louisa.

8. Why are the Ballyhoo tickets free?
(a) Adolph refuses to allow Joe to pay for the tickets.
(b) Adolph paid for them.
(c) Adolph won two free tickets.
(d) Adolph is a vice president of the country club where the dance is being held.

9. As Joe apologizes and Adolph says it's not really a big deal, what does Reba do?
(a) She calls down for Lala to come up and help with the dress.
(b) She calls down for Sunny to come up and help with the dress.
(c) She tells Boo to calm down.
(d) She tells Adolph to send for the doctor.

10. What does Sunny do when she says she does know a bit of Yiddish?
(a) She misquotes a Psalm.
(b) She misquotes a prayer.
(c) She misquotes the Sabbath Blessing.
(d) She misquotes a verse from Proverbs.

11. What does Peachy think is a lot better than the Progressive Club?
(a) The Regressive Club.
(b) This restaurant.
(c) The Standard Club.
(d) The clubs in New York City.

12. For what are Peachy, dressed in a tux, and Joe, dressed in a plain dark suit, waiting?
(a) Their dates for Ballyhoo to come downstairs.
(b) To attend a wedding.
(c) Their dates to return from the store.
(d) To go to a movie premier.

13. For whom is the Progressive Club?
(a) It is where "the other kind" of Jews belong.
(b) It is where "his kind" of Jews belong.
(c) It is for the old Jews.
(d) It is for the non-Jews.

14. Who does this guest lie and say he is taking to the dance?
(a) His cousin Sally.
(b) His wife Sharon.
(c) His sister Sarah.
(d) His friend Susan.

15. What does Boo ask Peachy when he follows Lala in?
(a) Whether it is true.
(b) What he thinks he is doing.
(c) Where he had gone.
(d) Why he proposed to her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who brought Sunny home from the dance?

2. What is Sunny doing on the train?

3. Why do Peachy's parents say it is okay?

4. Where does this scene take place?

5. How does Joe leave?

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