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Alfred Uhry
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Sunny's major?
(a) Theatre.
(b) Fashion.
(c) English.
(d) Sociology.

2. From whom does Lala find out that Sylvan has already left?
(a) His cousin.
(b) The housekeeper.
(c) His father.
(d) His mother.

3. What does Sunny describe as a bunch of Jewish people trying to be Episcopalians?
(a) Ballyhoo.
(b) Actors in movies.
(c) The Synagogue.
(d) The people living on her street.

4. What does Adolph remind Boo about Sunny's father?
(a) He worked his fingers to the bone not only to provide the necessities of life for his family, but also to provide extras.
(b) Adolph is her father, so he is allowed to favor her over Lala.
(c) He is not welcome in the house.
(d) He has left Sunny and Reba.

5. How had Reba felt when she was young about Ballyhoo?
(a) Worried about going.
(b) Not interested in going.
(c) Silly aout going.
(d) Nervous about going.

6. What does Lala then convince her mother to do?
(a) Let her go to a movie instead.
(b) Go shopping for a dress with her.
(c) Go to to dinner.
(d) Take a little trip.

7. Who starts a conversation with Sunny?
(a) Sylvan.
(b) Joe.
(c) Adolph.
(d) A neighbor.

8. In the story Reba tells about a former neighbor, who boarded a train to start her second year at college, and did what?
(a) Never came home.
(b) Ran up and down the aisles of the train with her clothes off.
(c) Had to be the train conductor.
(d) Began to work for the train company.

9. How might Louisa have felt when Boo asked her if she knew anything about some money missing off Adolph's bureau?
(a) Louisa probably felt accused of stealing and left in protest.
(b) Louisa probably fetlt angry for be accused of stealing.
(c) Louisa probably thought it was funny.
(d) Louisa probably felt guilty for taking the money.

10. Why does Boo finally wake up Adolph?
(a) So he can stop being rude.
(b) So he can have the final word.
(c) So he can clean up the kitchen from dinner.
(d) So he can say good night to Joe.

11. To what does this statement lead?
(a) If he would like to go to Ballyhoo with Lala.
(b) If he has a girlfriend.
(c) What he would like for dinner next time he comes.
(d) A discussion of what goes on at Ballyhoo.

12. What does Adolph tell Sunny after Reba is gone?
(a) He found university brochures hidden on Sunny's father's desk when she was six years old, and comments on how proud he would be of her.
(b) He hopes she is enjoying college.
(c) He hopes she goes to Ballyhoo and meets someone special.
(d) He has deposited money in her account for college.

13. About what do Adolph and Sunny chat, right before Reba goes up to bed?
(a) Adolph's weekend.
(b) Their plans for Sunny's vacation.
(c) Sunny's childhood.
(d) Sunny's life at university.

14. What does Sunny say about reading her book?
(a) Reading communist writing does not make a person into one.
(b) She too loves Jane Austen.
(c) Train rides are good for reading Shakespeare.
(d) She would like to be a model for Vogue, someday.

15. Why was Adolph unable to fit DeWald in?
(a) He did not like DeWald.
(b) DeWald was not intelligent enough.
(c) DeWald was not trustworthy.
(d) It never worked out.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens before she has a chance to answer?

2. How does Reba react to this news?

3. What does Boo do to discover that Sylvan left with his tuxedo and dancing shoes?

4. What does Boo ask Adolph to pay attention to, rather than what's going on halfway across the world?

5. What does he do as the scene ends?

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