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Alfred Uhry
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what does Boo accuse Adolph?
(a) Paying Sunny's college tuition.
(b) Giving more money to Reba and Sunny.
(c) Keeping both her and DeWald out of the family business.
(d) Keeping the family inheritance for himself.

2. How are Sunny and Joe left alone?
(a) Lala goes out to make coffee; Boo and Adolph go up to bed.
(b) The family goes to the kitchen.
(c) The family goes for a walk.
(d) Lala goes to visit Sylvan; Boo and Adolph go to make coffee.

3. What does Adolph do as Reba and Boo clear the table?
(a) He watches television.
(b) He talks to Joe.
(c) He goes to his room.
(d) He snoozes in his chair.

4. What does Sunny say about reading her book?
(a) She would like to be a model for Vogue, someday.
(b) Train rides are good for reading Shakespeare.
(c) She too loves Jane Austen.
(d) Reading communist writing does not make a person into one.

5. What does Lala say when Boo asks her why she wants to go down to the theater?
(a) She confesses she would like to be a movie director some day.
(b) She confesses that she is writing a book about the South that she's convinced is going to become a movie.
(c) She wants to the the new movie, "Gone with the Wind."
(d) She would like to get a job as an usher at the theatre.

6. What does Adolph look at Joe and wonder?
(a) Where Joe's family is located.
(b) Why Boo would think Joe would be interested in the Ballyhoo.
(c) Why Lala is interested in this man.
(d) Why Joe is still here.

7. Boo says it is not enough to know that Sylvan is taking Lala to Ballyhoo. What does she need to know?
(a) Whether Lala likes him.
(b) Whether he is taking her to the dance on the last night.
(c) Whether Sylvan likes her.
(d) Whether Sylvan will propose.

8. What does Adolph say about Hitler going into Poland?
(a) He will not take over Poland.
(b) The Americans will get him.
(c) It does not look good.
(d) He is a crazy man.

9. To whom was young Reba similar?
(a) Lala.
(b) Boo.
(c) Louisa.
(d) Sunny.

10. Where does he believe Sunny will not be going?
(a) To Ballyhoo.
(b) To the Shakespeare festival.
(c) Back to college.
(d) Home for the holidays.

11. Where do Lala and her mother go to get ready?
(a) In Boo's bedroom.
(b) Upstairs.
(c) Downstairs.
(d) In the bathroom.

12. Why does Boo ask Adolph why he is going down to pick up Sunny at the train station?
(a) Sunny knows her way home perfectly well.
(b) She wants him to pick up some groceries instead.
(c) Whether or not she has a lot of luggage.
(d) Sunny can walk home.

13. When Boo asks whether Sylvan asked her to Ballyhoo, how does Lala reply?
(a) It did not come up and adds that she has hopes for someone else.
(b) No, he is taking his cousin.
(c) No, he does not want to go with her.
(d) Yes, so she needs to buy a new dress.

14. Why does Lala say the tree cannot have a star?
(a) Because she does not like stars.
(b) Because the tree is too tall for an ornament at the top.
(c) Because she would rather have an angel at the top.
(d) Because the star symbolizes the birth of the Messiah, and the family is Jewish.

15. What does Lala then convince her mother to do?
(a) Go shopping for a dress with her.
(b) Go to to dinner.
(c) Let her go to a movie instead.
(d) Take a little trip.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Reba toast Joe?

2. In the story Reba tells about a former neighbor, who boarded a train to start her second year at college, and did what?

3. What does Lala eagerly observe about Joe?

4. What does this man do?

5. Why does Boo accuse Adolph of playing favorites?

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