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Alfred Uhry
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sunny go up?
(a) To air out her dress.
(b) To get more books to study.
(c) To get her purse.
(d) To take a nap.

2. What is Lala Levy doing as she decorates a Christmas tree while her aunt Reba watches and knits?
(a) Humming to herself.
(b) Singing Jewish songs.
(c) Listening to the radio.
(d) Singing Christmas carols.

3. What does Lala lift from the lobby of the movie theatre?
(a) An autographed ticket from the trash.
(b) A popcorn machine.
(c) A ticket to see "Gone with the Wind."
(d) A poster-sized picture of Scarlett O'Hara.

4. What does Boo ask Adolph to pay attention to, rather than what's going on halfway across the world?
(a) What is gong on in Atlanta.
(b) What is going on in the United States.
(c) What is going on in Georgia.
(d) What is going on in his own home.

5. What does Boo do when Reba asks some embarrassing questions?
(a) She begins to laugh.
(b) She tells her to be quiet.
(c) She apologizes for Reba's rude behavior.
(d) She takes her off into the kitchen.

6. What does Joe do?
(a) He joins in the conversation of this topic.
(b) He changes the subject.
(c) He asks to use the restroom.
(d) He leaves.

7. How does Reba describe the girl?
(a) As being of "the other kind."
(b) As being "a great friend."
(c) As being "a little odd."
(d) As being "the smartest girl I know."

8. What does Lala say when Boo asks her why she wants to go down to the theater?
(a) She confesses she would like to be a movie director some day.
(b) She would like to get a job as an usher at the theatre.
(c) She confesses that she is writing a book about the South that she's convinced is going to become a movie.
(d) She wants to the the new movie, "Gone with the Wind."

9. Where is Louisa, their cook, going to work?
(a) In a nursing home.
(b) In a restaurant.
(c) At the Arkwright's across the street.
(d) In a school.

10. How does Reba react to this news?
(a) She is disappointed.
(b) She tells her she is making a good decision.
(c) She congratulates her happily.
(d) She is surprised.

11. Why does Reba tell Sunny how proud she is of her?
(a) For liking a nice boy like Joe.
(b) For growing up so differently from her.
(c) For being so smart.
(d) For not going to the dance.

12. What does Boo convince Lala to do, regarding Sylvan?
(a) Go to his house.
(b) Forget about him.
(c) Ignore him.
(d) Call him.

13. In the story Reba tells about a former neighbor, who boarded a train to start her second year at college, and did what?
(a) Ran up and down the aisles of the train with her clothes off.
(b) Had to be the train conductor.
(c) Began to work for the train company.
(d) Never came home.

14. To whom was young Reba similar?
(a) Lala.
(b) Louisa.
(c) Boo.
(d) Sunny.

15. What does Adolph tell Sunny after Reba is gone?
(a) He hopes she is enjoying college.
(b) He has deposited money in her account for college.
(c) He found university brochures hidden on Sunny's father's desk when she was six years old, and comments on how proud he would be of her.
(d) He hopes she goes to Ballyhoo and meets someone special.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Adolph remind Boo about Sunny's father?

2. About what does Reba tell Sunny she is glad?

3. What does Boo say as Lala storms up to her room telling them all to stop looking at her?

4. What happens before she has a chance to answer?

5. What does Reba ask about Passover?

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