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Alfred Uhry
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Boo ask Adolph to pay attention to, rather than what's going on halfway across the world?
(a) What is going on in his own home.
(b) What is gong on in Atlanta.
(c) What is going on in the United States.
(d) What is going on in Georgia.

2. What does Adolph remind Boo about Sunny's father?
(a) Adolph is her father, so he is allowed to favor her over Lala.
(b) He is not welcome in the house.
(c) He worked his fingers to the bone not only to provide the necessities of life for his family, but also to provide extras.
(d) He has left Sunny and Reba.

3. What does Reba do when Lala says she is holding out hopes for another boy named Ferdy Nachman?
(a) Reba warns her off him.
(b) Reba asks who this boy is.
(c) Reba encourages her to hold out.
(d) Boo warns her off him.

4. Why does Reba toast Joe?
(a) She always enjoys company.
(b) He is a good speaker.
(c) She is welcoming him to Atlanta.
(d) He is an attractive man.

5. What does Joe say he is glad to do?
(a) Help out in the kitchen.
(b) Speak with Lala.
(c) Meet Lala.
(d) Be a part of this family's evening.

6. How does Joe respond to this information?
(a) She could be in Vogue.
(b) He is surprised she is interested in Shakespeare.
(c) He loves Jane Austen.
(d) She does not look like a communist.

7. After some small talk about how Joe got his job with Adolph, what does Joe ask?
(a) If Sunny will go to Ballyhoo with him.
(b) If her family practices their faith.
(c) Where is Sunny's family is from.
(d) Whether Sunny and her family really are Jewish.

8. What does Boo say as Lala storms up to her room telling them all to stop looking at her?
(a) "That kike you hired has no manners."
(b) "That was very rude of you, Lala."
(c) "When will we see that gentleman again?"
(d) "That Joe fella is very handsome."

9. What was his major?
(a) Music.
(b) Business.
(c) Biology.
(d) Art.

10. What does Louisa say when Boo asks her why she changed jobs?
(a) Boo is bothersome.
(b) She does not like Boo.
(c) She does not want to work for Jews.
(d) Boo already knew why.

11. What does he comment about her studying?
(a) She sould recite some Shakespeare for him.
(b) She should write her own novel.
(c) She will have a lot to do over the holidays.
(d) He cannot wait to see her fashion designs.

12. What does Joe do?
(a) He changes the subject.
(b) He joins in the conversation of this topic.
(c) He leaves.
(d) He asks to use the restroom.

13. On a train stopping over in Baltimore, what is Reba's daughter, Sunny, doing?
(a) Sleeping.
(b) Sneezing.
(c) Singing.
(d) Sits reading

14. How does Reba describe the girl?
(a) As being of "the other kind."
(b) As being "the smartest girl I know."
(c) As being "a great friend."
(d) As being "a little odd."

15. To what does this statement lead?
(a) What he would like for dinner next time he comes.
(b) A discussion of what goes on at Ballyhoo.
(c) If he has a girlfriend.
(d) If he would like to go to Ballyhoo with Lala.

Short Answer Questions

1. The next morning, what is Sunny doing?

2. Adolph, reading the paper, tells Reba to hurry and do what?

3. What does Lala eagerly observe about Joe?

4. What does Adolph look at Joe and wonder?

5. When Adolph can see that Joe and Sunny want to spend time alone, what does he suggest?

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