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Alfred Uhry
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Joe respond to this information?
(a) He is surprised she is interested in Shakespeare.
(b) He loves Jane Austen.
(c) She does not look like a communist.
(d) She could be in Vogue.

2. What does Lala say when Boo asks her why she wants to go down to the theater?
(a) She wants to the the new movie, "Gone with the Wind."
(b) She confesses she would like to be a movie director some day.
(c) She confesses that she is writing a book about the South that she's convinced is going to become a movie.
(d) She would like to get a job as an usher at the theatre.

3. About what does Reba tell Sunny she is glad?
(a) Sunny is going to college and studying.
(b) Sunny is going shopping with Lala.
(c) Sunny is going to spend the evening with her.
(d) Sunny is going to go to Ballyhoo.

4. Why does Boo accuse Adolph of playing favorites?
(a) It is obvious that Adolph likes Lala more than Sunny.
(b) Sunny is prettier than Lala.
(c) He never cared for Lala's father, Boo's husband DeWald.
(d) He does not like Boo, so he does not like Lala.

5. What does Reba think the consequences are of higher education?
(a) More intelligence.
(b) It makes people insane.
(c) A better life.
(d) A good job.

6. What does Sunny say about reading her book?
(a) She too loves Jane Austen.
(b) She would like to be a model for Vogue, someday.
(c) Train rides are good for reading Shakespeare.
(d) Reading communist writing does not make a person into one.

7. Where do Lala and her mother go to get ready?
(a) In Boo's bedroom.
(b) Downstairs.
(c) In the bathroom.
(d) Upstairs.

8. What does Lala complain that instead of fighting about Christmas trees, they should all be doing?
(a) Getting ready for Christmas dinner.
(b) Celebrating because Clark Gable and other movie stars are in town for the world premiere of Gone with the Wind just a few blocks away.
(c) Decorating the tree together.
(d) Preparing a meal for the first day of Chanuka.

9. What does Sunny describe as a bunch of Jewish people trying to be Episcopalians?
(a) The people living on her street.
(b) Ballyhoo.
(c) The Synagogue.
(d) Actors in movies.

10. Why does Sunny go up?
(a) To get her purse.
(b) To get more books to study.
(c) To take a nap.
(d) To air out her dress.

11. Adolph, reading the paper, tells Reba to hurry and do what?
(a) Look at the article he is reading.
(b) Get ready.
(c) Make lunch.
(d) Get him a cup of coffee.

12. Why does Reba say that Lala came home from Michigan?
(a) She did not have enough money.
(b) She had no friends.
(c) She was homesick.
(d) She had flunked out.

13. What will Joe Farkas, a young man from New York, be taking over?
(a) Adolph's company.
(b) Some of the traveling at work.
(c) His place as head of the household.
(d) The Atlanta branch of the company.

14. What had Sunny's father done for Boo?
(a) He had helped her raise Lala.
(b) He had loved her like a sister.
(c) He had given her many reasons to not trust him.
(d) He had given her the sterling silver she insisted upon when she got married.

15. What does Lala tell Joe to do?
(a) Go with her to Ballyhoo.
(b) Sing Christmas carols.
(c) Come up with the name of the central family in her novel.
(d) Watch television.

Short Answer Questions

1. The next morning, what are Reba and Adolph doing when Boo comes in with the morning paper?

2. When Adolph can see that Joe and Sunny want to spend time alone, what does he suggest?

3. What does Reba comment to herself, regarding Sunny?

4. About what does Lala complain as she is leaving?

5. The next morning, what is Sunny doing?

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