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Alfred Uhry
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what do Adolph and Sunny chat, right before Reba goes up to bed?
(a) Sunny's life at university.
(b) Their plans for Sunny's vacation.
(c) Adolph's weekend.
(d) Sunny's childhood.

2. To what does this statement lead?
(a) If he has a girlfriend.
(b) If he would like to go to Ballyhoo with Lala.
(c) A discussion of what goes on at Ballyhoo.
(d) What he would like for dinner next time he comes.

3. What does Sunny say about reading her book?
(a) She would like to be a model for Vogue, someday.
(b) Reading communist writing does not make a person into one.
(c) She too loves Jane Austen.
(d) Train rides are good for reading Shakespeare.

4. What does Reba comment to herself, regarding Sunny?
(a) She is happy Sunny is at least a little like her.
(b) She is sad Sunny is not more like her.
(c) She is happy Sunny is not like her.
(d) She is sad Sunny is so much like her.

5. What does Adolph look at Joe and wonder?
(a) Why Boo would think Joe would be interested in the Ballyhoo.
(b) Why Lala is interested in this man.
(c) Why Joe is still here.
(d) Where Joe's family is located.

6. What does this man do?
(a) He sits next to her, silently.
(b) He introduces himself.
(c) He tells her to move over.
(d) He glares at her.

7. What does Lala eagerly observe about Joe?
(a) He will be around for Ballyhoo.
(b) He seems interested in her.
(c) He will be coming back later in the week.
(d) He is very attractive.

8. How does Reba react to this news?
(a) She is surprised.
(b) She is disappointed.
(c) She tells her she is making a good decision.
(d) She congratulates her happily.

9. Why does Sunny go up?
(a) To take a nap.
(b) To air out her dress.
(c) To get her purse.
(d) To get more books to study.

10. What does Adolph remind Boo about Sunny's father?
(a) He is not welcome in the house.
(b) He has left Sunny and Reba.
(c) Adolph is her father, so he is allowed to favor her over Lala.
(d) He worked his fingers to the bone not only to provide the necessities of life for his family, but also to provide extras.

11. When Boo asks whether Sylvan asked her to Ballyhoo, how does Lala reply?
(a) It did not come up and adds that she has hopes for someone else.
(b) No, he does not want to go with her.
(c) No, he is taking his cousin.
(d) Yes, so she needs to buy a new dress.

12. What is Joe's response?
(a) His favorite food is Italian.
(b) His family does not celebrate Christmas, but adds that he will go home for Passover in the spring.
(c) His family is from Poland.
(d) He is a practicing Jew.

13. The next morning, what is Sunny doing?
(a) Listening to the radio.
(b) Studying.
(c) Sleeping.
(d) Trying on her dress.

14. Why does Boo accuse Adolph of playing favorites?
(a) Sunny is prettier than Lala.
(b) He does not like Boo, so he does not like Lala.
(c) It is obvious that Adolph likes Lala more than Sunny.
(d) He never cared for Lala's father, Boo's husband DeWald.

15. What does Reba ask about Passover?
(a) Whether those festivities are held in the spring.
(b) If it is anything like Chanuka.
(c) What it is.
(d) Where Joe will be spending Passover.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does he tell her?

2. Who is Sunny's father?

3. What is Lala Levy doing as she decorates a Christmas tree while her aunt Reba watches and knits?

4. What does Reba do when Lala says she is holding out hopes for another boy named Ferdy Nachman?

5. When there is a knock at the door, and Boo thinks it is the police, who is it?

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