The Last Night of Ballyhoo Short Essay - Answer Key

Alfred Uhry
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1. How does Lala explain the Christmas tree?

She explains that a tree is a sign of the season like a Halloween pumpkin, but because the star symbolizes the birth of the Messiah, trees in Jewish homes like theirs can't have stars. Reba agrees.

2. What does boo think Lala should have on her mind, instead of movie stars?

Boo suggests that Lala should have other things on her mind, such as who's going to take her to Ballyhoo in a couple of weeks. She suggests that Lala call a boy named Sylvan, a family friend.

3. Why does Lala want to go to the theatre?

When Boo asks her why she wants to go down to the theater, she confesses that she's writing a book about the South that she's convinced is going to become a movie. Lala further adds that she needs to get an idea what she'll be in for at her opening night.

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