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Alfred Uhry
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scenes 7 and 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom was young Reba similar?
(a) Louisa.
(b) Sunny.
(c) Boo.
(d) Lala.

2. What happens before she has a chance to answer?
(a) The man leaves.
(b) The train stops abruptly.
(c) The conductor calls "All Aboard!"
(d) Someone screams.

3. The next morning, what are Reba and Adolph doing when Boo comes in with the morning paper?
(a) Reba is cooking breakfast and Adolph is reading the newspaper.
(b) Reba is knitting and Adolph is snoozing.
(c) Reba is listening to the radio and Adolph is cooking breakfast.
(d) Reba is clearing away after breakfast and Adolph is doing some paperwork.

4. What does Boo ask Adolph to pay attention to, rather than what's going on halfway across the world?
(a) What is going on in his own home.
(b) What is gong on in Atlanta.
(c) What is going on in Georgia.
(d) What is going on in the United States.

5. How does Reba react to this news?
(a) She tells her she is making a good decision.
(b) She is disappointed.
(c) She congratulates her happily.
(d) She is surprised.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Reba and Boo do when this guest arrives?

2. Why do Peachy's parents say it is okay?

3. When Boo asks whether Sylvan asked her to Ballyhoo, how does Lala reply?

4. What does Peachy say that he might be interested in doing?

5. What does Joe realize?

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