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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What dashes their hopes of finding Magua and the girls?
(a) The trail goes cold.
(b) They come to a rocky valley with no trail.
(c) The horses are found wandering by themselves.
(d) It begins to rain and wash away the trail.

2. What makes the Huron warriors angry?
(a) They cannot find David.
(b) They discover Uncas' escape.
(c) Cora has replaced Uncas.
(d) Alice is gone from the lodge.

3. Who does the bear turn out to be?
(a) Hawkeye
(b) David
(c) Chingachgook
(d) Uncas

4. How do they know their passage across the lake is discovered?
(a) the sound of drums
(b) a white flag flying
(c) a clamor of whooping on an island
(d) a bullet fired and a shrill yell

5. What is the Delaware chief's response when Magua offers to take Cora off his hands?
(a) He pretends he does not understand.
(b) He laughs and says no.
(c) He asks for a high price.
(d) He says that Cora is welcome.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Heyward hoping for as he wanders around the Huron village?

2. What do the two Huron with Magua start to do?

3. In the Huron village, what does Uncas tell Heyward?

4. What evidence do they keep finding that tells them they are on the right trail?

5. At first, what does Tamenund do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the deaths of Cora, Magua, and Uncas.

2. What happens that night as the five men stay in the ruins of Fort Henry?

3. What causes great excitement and consternation in the Delaware camp?

4. Explain why the five men use extra caution when leaving Fort Henry the following morning.

5. Why does following the horses end in disappointment for the hunters?

6. What does Hawkeye, disguised as the bear, propose to do to Uncas?

7. What does Heyward discover about the bear after everyone else leaves the cave?

8. Describe the relationship between Chingachgook and his son, Uncas, as seen at the campfire in the ruins of Fort Henry.

9. How does Heyward gain entrance into the Huron camp?

10. Why is David allowed to roam around unmolested by the Indians?

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