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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Heywood and his party not realize?
(a) They have made a wrong turn.
(b) They do not have enough provisions.
(c) They are being watched.
(d) Fort Henry has been defeated.

2. Who is the Indian waiting with the European?
(a) Hiawatha
(b) Chingachgook
(c) Uncas
(d) Mangua

3. What does Uncas take to ward off wolves?
(a) Hawkeye's rifle
(b) several large stones
(c) his tomakawk
(d) a firebrand

4. What explains the difference in the complexions of Cora and Alice?
(a) Their mother was a product of a white/black union.
(b) They had two different mothers.
(c) They are adopted children.
(d) They had different fathers.

5. Why does Magua hate Cora's father?
(a) He had Magua whipped publicly for drunkenness.
(b) He made Magua eat off the floor.
(c) He killed Magua's Indian wife.
(d) He made Magua do woman's work in the fort.

6. What does Magua want Cora to do after becoming his wife?
(a) bake his bread and tuck him in at night
(b) draw his water, hoe his corn, and cook his venison
(c) bear him many daughters to sell
(d) renounce her father

7. What is the joyful event at the fort?
(a) celebration for defeating the French
(b) the reunion of the girls with their father
(c) a square dance
(d) a birthday party for the girls' ather

8. Who spots the four hiding in the back of the cave?
(a) Magua, also called Renard
(b) Hawkeye who returns unexpectedly
(c) Uncas who has doubled back
(d) an Iroquois squaw

9. Who is the person the Huron immediately suspect killed their comrade?
(a) Le Longue Carribine
(b) Duncan Heywood
(c) Uncas
(d) Chingachgook

10. What is the condition of the messenger?
(a) His head is bandaged.
(b) His hands are bound.
(c) His shirt is bloody.
(d) His arm is broken.

11. What does Montcalm want to know from his guest?
(a) if he has come to discuss terms of surrender
(b) if Ft. Henry has plenty of supplies
(c) if the ladies will come for a visit
(d) if he knows the Indian Magua

12. Who are the men out looking for the group?
(a) Magua and other Hurons
(b) soldiers from Ft. Henry
(c) Chingachgooks other son
(d) Delaware from Ft. Edward

13. When does the group prepare to move away from the blockhouse?
(a) when the moon is high
(b) at high noon
(c) two days later
(d) just before dawn

14. Where did Munro meet the girls' mother?
(a) in Florida
(b) in Canada
(c) in Africa
(d) in the West Indies

15. Who immediately join in the fight with the Hurons?
(a) Heywood and Gamut
(b) two Delaware scouts
(c) Alice and Cora
(d) Uncas and Chingachgook

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens as the Huron see one of their group fall dead?

2. As what do the hunters identify Heywood's guide?

3. What encourages the searchers?

4. What does Cora suggest the men do?

5. Why is Col. Munro dejected as he returns to the fort?

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