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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Heywood demand of Renard?
(a) that he protect the girls
(b) that he translate
(c) that he go for help
(d) that he leave

2. Who does Maj. Heyward elect to lead him and the young Munro women to Fort Henry?
(a) an Indian scout
(b) the psalmist
(c) a British sergeant major
(d) Hawkeye

3. What is the joyful event at the fort?
(a) a square dance
(b) celebration for defeating the French
(c) the reunion of the girls with their father
(d) a birthday party for the girls' ather

4. How is Heyward nearly wounded?
(a) by a bullet near his head
(b) by a tomahawk
(c) by a glancing arrow
(d) by a knife in hand to hand combat

5. Where do they stop to rest?
(a) a decayed blockhouse
(b) under a giant oak
(c) a pony express station
(d) a hunter's cabin

6. What does one of the Huron threaten to do to Alice?
(a) throw her into the river
(b) shoot her
(c) scalp her
(d) cut her face with his knife

7. After Magua gets away for a second time, what happens to the dead Hurons?
(a) They are piled up and burned.
(b) They are thrown into the river.
(c) They are scalped.
(d) They are chopped into pieces.

8. Who spots the four hiding in the back of the cave?
(a) Hawkeye who returns unexpectedly
(b) Magua, also called Renard
(c) an Iroquois squaw
(d) Uncas who has doubled back

9. What happens to the evacuees from Ft. Henry?
(a) 2000 Indians attack them
(b) they get into quicksand
(c) the women and children fall behand
(d) the French open fire

10. When does the group prepare to move away from the blockhouse?
(a) just before dawn
(b) two days later
(c) at high noon
(d) when the moon is high

11. What do Cora and Alice believe while in captivity?
(a) that they will be scalped
(b) that they will become slaves
(c) that rescue will come
(d) that they will be forced to marry an Indian

12. Led captive by the Iroquois and Renard, which way do they travel?
(a) around in circles
(b) back toward Ft. Edward
(c) away from the forts
(d) toward the sea

13. Who comes across the Indian scout and the hunter?
(a) the Siminole
(b) the Marquis of Montcalm
(c) the Iroquois
(d) the girls and Maj. Heyward

14. Leaving the safety of the thicket, what do they hear?
(a) men
(b) bears
(c) deer
(d) horses

15. What do they place in front of the covering to the back of the cave?
(a) large rocks
(b) tree branches
(c) bird nests
(d) the horses

Short Answer Questions

1. At what time does Hawkeye wake everyone to resume their trip to Ft. Henry?

2. How does Magua know the girls' father?

3. How many people march out of Ft. Henry?

4. What do the men realize as they study the trail?

5. What prevents an Indian from killing Col. Munro?

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