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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the men realize as they study the trail?
(a) that they cannot follow it far
(b) that this chase may take a long time
(c) that it ends in the river
(d) that they are outnumbered

2. Why is Col. Munro dejected as he returns to the fort?
(a) He has signed the paper of surrender.
(b) He knows the battle will go on.
(c) He needs to get Cora and Alice out of harm's way.
(d) He knows they will all be killed.

3. What do Cora and Alice believe while in captivity?
(a) that they will become slaves
(b) that they will be scalped
(c) that rescue will come
(d) that they will be forced to marry an Indian

4. What is one of the rewards Heyward promises Renard if he helps them?
(a) a river of firewater
(b) a trip to England
(c) ten horses
(d) Cora as his wife

5. What saves them from the Frenchman who discovers them?
(a) Heyward's French accent
(b) Cora's perfect French
(c) Alice's ragged skirts
(d) Chingashgook's pidgin French

6. What interrupts David Gamut's song in the cave?
(a) the horses splashing in the pool
(b) Hawkeye tells him to be quiet
(c) a sound that no one can identify.
(d) a rockslide outside the cave

7. What does Uncas find?
(a) Alice's Bible
(b) David's harmonica
(c) a piece of Alice's veil
(d) Cora's scalp

8. What does Uncas take to ward off wolves?
(a) a firebrand
(b) Hawkeye's rifle
(c) several large stones
(d) his tomakawk

9. Who is invited to dinner at the French camp under a flag of truce?
(a) Alice Munro
(b) Duncan Heyward
(c) Colonel Munro
(d) Cora Munro

10. What does Montcalm want to know from his guest?
(a) if Ft. Henry has plenty of supplies
(b) if he knows the Indian Magua
(c) if he has come to discuss terms of surrender
(d) if the ladies will come for a visit

11. Who actually goes to the dinner?
(a) Colonel Munro
(b) Duncan Heyward
(c) Cora Munro
(d) Alice Munro

12. Four days after Heywood and the girls enter Fort Henry, who is led to the fort?
(a) Montcalm
(b) Uncas
(c) Hawkeye
(d) Duncan

13. Where did Munro meet the girls' mother?
(a) in Africa
(b) in the West Indies
(c) in Canada
(d) in Florida

14. Who is the man of European stock waiting a few miles westward of Heyward and the Munro girls?
(a) Lance Corporal Pettigrew
(b) Hawkeye
(c) Prince Henry
(d) Col. Munro

15. What caused Magua's downfall
(a) fighting the other braves
(b) drinking firewater
(c) murdering his uncle
(d) not being a good hunter

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Hawkeye's problem during the battle?

2. Where do they stop to rest?

3. What happens as the Huron see one of their group fall dead?

4. Who are the Iroquois looking for called La Longue Carabine?

5. What is Magua's objection to the surrender treaty?

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