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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Hawkeye's problem during the battle?
(a) He loses his eyeglasses.
(b) He sprains his ankle.
(c) He runs out of ammunition.
(d) He slips on a wet rock.

2. What is the purpose of Fort Henry and Fort Edward?
(a) decoys to fool the advancing French army
(b) defense against the invading French
(c) way stations for British soldiers headed for the front
(d) coach stations for British travelers

3. What is one of the rewards Heyward promises Renard if he helps them?
(a) Cora as his wife
(b) a river of firewater
(c) ten horses
(d) a trip to England

4. What does one of the Huron threaten to do to Alice?
(a) scalp her
(b) cut her face with his knife
(c) throw her into the river
(d) shoot her

5. Who is described as possessing muscular features?
(a) Magua
(b) Chingachgook
(c) Hawkeye
(d) Uncas

6. Who comes across the Indian scout and the hunter?
(a) the Marquis of Montcalm
(b) the Siminole
(c) the girls and Maj. Heyward
(d) the Iroquois

7. Who is the lone man making his way to the outskirts of the French camp?
(a) General Montcalm
(b) Duncan Heywood
(c) Hawkeye
(d) Magua

8. Who spots the four hiding in the back of the cave?
(a) Hawkeye who returns unexpectedly
(b) Magua, also called Renard
(c) an Iroquois squaw
(d) Uncas who has doubled back

9. What is Magua's background?
(a) a renegade from the Seminole
(b) the son of a Huron chief
(c) a warrior of the Sioux
(d) a foundling raised by the Delaware

10. After the men leave, what do Cora and Alice do?
(a) hide in the cave
(b) climb a tree
(c) stand under the waterfall
(d) make dummies dressed in their clothes to appear asleep

11. What happens to the evacuees from Ft. Henry?
(a) 2000 Indians attack them
(b) the women and children fall behand
(c) they get into quicksand
(d) the French open fire

12. Who are the men out looking for the group?
(a) Delaware from Ft. Edward
(b) Magua and other Hurons
(c) soldiers from Ft. Henry
(d) Chingachgooks other son

13. How many people march out of Ft. Henry?
(a) over thirty
(b) over three thousand
(c) over one thousand
(d) over three hundred

14. Who does Uncas say are hiding in the woods?
(a) Blackfeet
(b) Iroquois
(c) Sioux
(d) Mohicans

15. What request does Heyward make of Hawkeye, Chingachgook, and Uncas?
(a) to give them something to eat
(b) to find disguises for the women
(c) to hunt down the Iroquois
(d) to guide them to Ft. Henry

Short Answer Questions

1. Four days after Heywood and the girls enter Fort Henry, who is led to the fort?

2. Who discovers them?

3. What does Heyward do with the wounded David Gamut?

4. Why is Heyward convinced not to pursue Magua?

5. What happens to Heyward when he tries to defend Alice?

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