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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes the Huron to leave the area of the blockhouse?
(a) a large bear
(b) a bad smell
(c) a mass grave
(d) the bitter water

2. What saves them from the Frenchman who discovers them?
(a) Cora's perfect French
(b) Chingashgook's pidgin French
(c) Heyward's French accent
(d) Alice's ragged skirts

3. What is happening when they finally near the fort?
(a) The fort has been abandoned.
(b) The fort is being burned to the ground.
(c) All is quiet on the western front.
(d) Montcalm's army is firing on the forts.

4. What request does Heyward make of Hawkeye, Chingachgook, and Uncas?
(a) to hunt down the Iroquois
(b) to give them something to eat
(c) to guide them to Ft. Henry
(d) to find disguises for the women

5. What is the condition of the messenger?
(a) His arm is broken.
(b) His head is bandaged.
(c) His hands are bound.
(d) His shirt is bloody.

6. What does Uncas find?
(a) a piece of Alice's veil
(b) David's harmonica
(c) Cora's scalp
(d) Alice's Bible

7. Who is described as possessing muscular features?
(a) Uncas
(b) Chingachgook
(c) Hawkeye
(d) Magua

8. At what time does Hawkeye wake everyone to resume their trip to Ft. Henry?
(a) six in the morning
(b) at first light
(c) noon the next day
(d) around midnight

9. What is the joyful event at the fort?
(a) a birthday party for the girls' ather
(b) the reunion of the girls with their father
(c) celebration for defeating the French
(d) a square dance

10. Who are the men out looking for the group?
(a) Chingachgooks other son
(b) soldiers from Ft. Henry
(c) Magua and other Hurons
(d) Delaware from Ft. Edward

11. What does Heyward do with the wounded David Gamut?
(a) knocks him out to keep him quiet
(b) ties a gag over his mouth to conceal his groans
(c) cuts the arrow out of his leg
(d) moves him to the back of the cave

12. What is Hawkeye's problem during the battle?
(a) He loses his eyeglasses.
(b) He runs out of ammunition.
(c) He sprains his ankle.
(d) He slips on a wet rock.

13. Who immediately join in the fight with the Hurons?
(a) two Delaware scouts
(b) Uncas and Chingachgook
(c) Alice and Cora
(d) Heywood and Gamut

14. Why is Col. Munro dejected as he returns to the fort?
(a) He knows the battle will go on.
(b) He knows they will all be killed.
(c) He needs to get Cora and Alice out of harm's way.
(d) He has signed the paper of surrender.

15. Who is the man of European stock waiting a few miles westward of Heyward and the Munro girls?
(a) Prince Henry
(b) Hawkeye
(c) Lance Corporal Pettigrew
(d) Col. Munro

Short Answer Questions

1. Who spots the four hiding in the back of the cave?

2. What is one thing Col. Munro says he never thought he would see?

3. What advice does Hawkeye give as they battle the Iroquois?

4. After Magua gets away for a second time, what happens to the dead Hurons?

5. What does Hawkeye recall at a pond?

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