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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Heywood demand of Renard?
(a) that he leave
(b) that he translate
(c) that he go for help
(d) that he protect the girls

2. What is Magua's background?
(a) a renegade from the Seminole
(b) a foundling raised by the Delaware
(c) a warrior of the Sioux
(d) the son of a Huron chief

3. Four days after Heywood and the girls enter Fort Henry, who is led to the fort?
(a) Hawkeye
(b) Montcalm
(c) Uncas
(d) Duncan

4. After the Indian ambush, who are out looking for Cora and Alice?
(a) Uncas and his father, Hawkeye, Munro, and Heyward
(b) soldiers from the garrison
(c) the Mohicans
(d) Montcalm and his men

5. What is one thing Col. Munro says he never thought he would see?
(a) Indians coming to his rescue.
(b) His daughters getting married.
(c) A battle that lasted more than twenty days.
(d) A Frenchman too honest to profit by his advantage.

6. What is Magua's objection to the surrender treaty?
(a) no fires are set
(b) no hostages are taken
(c) no money changed hands
(d) no scalps have been taken

7. What do Cora and Alice believe while in captivity?
(a) that they will become slaves
(b) that they will be forced to marry an Indian
(c) that they will be scalped
(d) that rescue will come

8. Who are the men out looking for the group?
(a) soldiers from Ft. Henry
(b) Delaware from Ft. Edward
(c) Magua and other Hurons
(d) Chingachgooks other son

9. What encourages the searchers?
(a) a trail of coins dropped by someone
(b) a note dropped by Cora
(c) a trail left by Cora and Magua
(d) a place where Alice stopped to rest

10. Who does Heyward wish to marry?
(a) Cora Munro
(b) Alice Munro
(c) an Indian woman
(d) his fiance back in England

11. What saves them from the Frenchman who discovers them?
(a) Chingashgook's pidgin French
(b) Alice's ragged skirts
(c) Heyward's French accent
(d) Cora's perfect French

12. What happens when Heywood confronts the guide?
(a) He draws his knife.
(b) He runs.
(c) He denies being a traitor.
(d) He wounds Heywood.

13. What does Montcalm want to know from his guest?
(a) if he knows the Indian Magua
(b) if the ladies will come for a visit
(c) if he has come to discuss terms of surrender
(d) if Ft. Henry has plenty of supplies

14. After Magua gets away for a second time, what happens to the dead Hurons?
(a) They are thrown into the river.
(b) They are scalped.
(c) They are piled up and burned.
(d) They are chopped into pieces.

15. Who discovers them?
(a) a French sentinel
(b) a French speaking Indian
(c) a French chef
(d) a French teacher

Short Answer Questions

1. As the group journeys on after the battle with the Hurons, who leads them?

2. How is Heyward nearly wounded?

3. Who is the person the Huron immediately suspect killed their comrade?

4. Why is Col. Munro dejected as he returns to the fort?

5. What is the condition of the messenger?

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