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Giles Foden
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Garrigan once he emerges from his hiding place after the van incident?
(a) He falls into the river
(b) A snake bites him
(c) He sees Sara
(d) He passes out from exhaustion

2. Who has told Amin of the plot being devised against him to assassinate him by drugging?
(a) Perkins
(b) Stone
(c) Garrigan
(d) Weir

3. What does Garrigan borrow in order to help Amin escape from the secret prisons?
(a) Van
(b) Land Rover
(c) Helicopter
(d) Disguise

4. The ____________ has been punctured and there is water spilling out everywhere.
(a) Toilet
(b) Waterbed
(c) Bathtub
(d) Sink

5. Who is the crazy man that Garrigan sees hanging from the tree when he reaches the equator?
(a) Gugu
(b) Angol-Steve
(c) Obote
(d) Amin

Short Answer Questions

1. The person who is torn limb from limb, literally, was a supporter of which group?

2. Who does Garrigan have to reassure after they have seen the headlines about his involvement with Amin?

3. What does Garrigan decide to wear since his clothes are too ragged and filthy to wear?

4. What does Garrigan see his father reading during the beginning of the chapter?

5. What doesn't Garrigan know when the publicist asks him the question?

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