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Giles Foden
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The ____________ has been punctured and there is water spilling out everywhere.
(a) Toilet
(b) Sink
(c) Bathtub
(d) Waterbed

2. Who has told Amin of the plot being devised against him to assassinate him by drugging?
(a) Stone
(b) Garrigan
(c) Perkins
(d) Weir

3. What is Garrigan trying to avoid as he walks around the halls of Amin's house during the looting?
(a) His memories
(b) Crowds
(c) Recognition
(d) Amin

4. Where is Garrigan sent after his run in with the soldiers and after he is accused of certain travesties?
(a) Spain
(b) Uganda
(c) England
(d) Nairobi

5. Who announces to the non-Israeli passengers that he has negotiated their release?
(a) Garrigan
(b) Nigel Stone
(c) Amin
(d) Weir

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Garrigan realize about Gugu when he finds him in the center of town?

2. What is Amin talking to when Garrigan approaches him in the prison cells?

3. The ___________ the group captures sometimes don't even know what country they are fighting in.

4. What is stolen from Garrigan's bungalow after the rest of the British are expelled?

5. What is Garrigan charged with when he is captured by the group of men at the dock?

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