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Giles Foden
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the young messenger who delivers the note to Garrigan inviting him to visit?
(a) Gaga
(b) Gugu
(c) Elisa Merrit
(d) Bonney

2. Stone says that he has orders to tell Garrigan to ____________, not just incapacitate him.
(a) Spy on Amin
(b) Leave Amin's compound
(c) Persuade Amin
(d) Kill Amin

3. Garrigan observes that the __________ helped him get through some bad times with Idi Amin in the future.
(a) Merrits
(b) BBC
(c) Servants of the house
(d) Children

4. Garrigan seems to think that Idi Amin's mother's name may have been ____________, though he is told otherwise later.
(a) Pepper
(b) Coke
(c) Slice
(d) Pepsi

5. Garrigan believes that Amin's delusions of grandeur may be common to all __________.
(a) Africans
(b) Dictators
(c) Ugandans
(d) Men

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is also in attendance with Garrigan when Idi Amin comes to visit?

2. What does Amin wear when he says that he has been talking to NASA about being the first black man on the moon?

3. What kind of pills are given to Garrigan when he sits down for breakfast the next day?

4. Most of the ailments that Garrigan treats at the hospital involve some sort of _____________.

5. Who is present in the room with Garrigan when he arrives in Stone's office?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Garrigan claim he will not do as he tries to tell the story of Amin in this novel?

2. Describe the bothy that is waiting for Garrigan when he finally arrives on the island.

3. Why is Garrigan wearing a pair of clean scrubs as he goes down into the city later in the day?

4. What does Garrigan learn about the plans for Amin now?

5. What does Garrigan imagine as he wanders in the halls of Amin's house as it is looted?

6. Why does Garrigan need to test his own specimens at his clinic where he works?

7. What is the disheartening sight Garrigan can see from the window of his new office in Kampala?

8. Who does Garrigan call in order to explain to them the headlines that are being posted about him and his interview?

9. What has happened to the water situation in Kampala and to the hospital in particular?

10. How do the Israelis take the guards by surprise in their attempts to free the hostages and kill the terrorists?

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