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Giles Foden
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Stone says that he has orders to tell Garrigan to ____________, not just incapacitate him.
(a) Leave Amin's compound
(b) Kill Amin
(c) Spy on Amin
(d) Persuade Amin

2. When Garrigan is walking through the town, he notices Marina Perkins in a bar with ______________.
(a) Nigel Stone
(b) Idi Amin
(c) Swanepoel
(d) Her husband

3. What are all of the waiters crowding around when Garrigan is up having breakfast the next day?
(a) His table
(b) Radio
(c) Book
(d) Windows

4. Where are all of the bodies Waziri has seen being dumped after they have been killed by soldiers?
(a) Warehouse
(b) Forest
(c) River
(d) Factory

5. Amin threatens a reporter by saying that no one can outrun a ______________.
(a) Bullet
(b) Grenade
(c) Dictator
(d) Man

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Stone and Perkins want Garrigan to do to Amin in order to make him more manageable?

2. What would have killed Idi Amin during his assassination attempt had he not moved to another seat?

3. What do Garrigan and the other workers have to examine on their own after a day at the clinic?

4. Where does Amin in the picture put his hand on the person that he is about to kill?

5. Barclay tells Garrigan that there is a place nearby where they can buy food, but the owner is ______________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Amin announce after the rest of the British (except for Garrigan) are expelled?

2. What does Garrigan realize about the scene he witnesses in the center of the town?

3. What is Garrigan given at the breakfast he shares with the Merrits?

4. What does Garrigan claim he will not do as he tries to tell the story of Amin in this novel?

5. When Garrigan meets Swanepoel and hears about the coup, why is Garrigan told not to worry about it?

6. What does Garrigan answer during an interview when he is asked what his address is?

7. What happens when Garrigan finally does reach the APC and its safety?

8. What has happened to Amin's bed when Garrigan enters Amin's bedroom during the looting?

9. What does Garrigan do in order to aid the escape of Amin during the looting?

10. What does Amin want Garrigan to do as a demonstration of his loyalty to Amin?

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