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Giles Foden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name given to the kid soldiers who are not in Mbarara and fighting with others in town?
(a) Terrors
(b) Kidogos
(c) Trampolos
(d) Crustatas

2. What is stolen from Garrigan's bungalow after the rest of the British are expelled?
(a) His passport
(b) His money
(c) His pillow
(d) His journal

3. Who does Garrigan learn is behind the series of bombs attributed to the Army of the Provisional Government?
(a) Sara
(b) Idi Amir
(c) Nigel Stone
(d) Weir

4. What happens to Garrigan once he emerges from his hiding place after the van incident?
(a) He sees Sara
(b) A snake bites him
(c) He falls into the river
(d) He passes out from exhaustion

5. What does Garrigan take in order to get into Kenya and to his freedom?
(a) Land Rover
(b) The white truck
(c) A boat
(d) Maserati

6. Garrigan tries to imagine that the house is actually in _____________ and that he is Idi Amin.
(a) Britain
(b) Spain
(c) Scotland
(d) Germany

7. What does Garrigan realize about Gugu when he finds him in the center of town?
(a) He is crying
(b) He is being beaten
(c) He is dead
(d) He is beating others

8. The ____________ tells Garrigan that it will not be as bad as he thinks it will be.
(a) Woman
(b) Publicist
(c) Soldier
(d) Spy

9. The ____________ has been punctured and there is water spilling out everywhere.
(a) Waterbed
(b) Toilet
(c) Sink
(d) Bathtub

10. Amin says that Garrigan has returned because he _____________ Idi.
(a) Understands
(b) Loves
(c) Hates
(d) Needs

11. What doesn't Garrigan know when the publicist asks him the question?
(a) His address
(b) His name
(c) His plans
(d) His bank account number

12. Who sends Garrigan a letter telling him about a property he has inherited on an island?
(a) His mother
(b) His sister
(c) His brother
(d) Amin

13. What does Garrigan see his father reading during the beginning of the chapter?
(a) Grey's Anatomy
(b) Scotsman
(c) Bible
(d) Amin's Killing Logs

14. Amin notes that he regrets the death of the ______________ and that his followers did it without his knowledge.
(a) His father
(b) Archbishop
(c) His son
(d) Rabbi

15. If Amin had not been fighting the ____________ free fighters in Kenya, Amin says he would not have practiced cannibalism.
(a) Mau-Mau
(b) Scottish
(c) Tanzanians
(d) British

Short Answer Questions

1. Garrigan realizes he has been rescued by a band of _____________ soldiers after the battle in town.

2. What kind of spy ring does Amin say that he has broken up after the rest of the British are expelled?

3. What country does Garrigan help Amin plan to invade during his reign?

4. After speaking with Amin, Garrigan thinks that he really must fasten the _____________ around the door again.

5. How many journalists show up to question Garrigan after his adventures with Amin?

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