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Giles Foden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of spy ring does Amin say that he has broken up after the rest of the British are expelled?
(a) British
(b) Scottish
(c) European
(d) German

2. Amin says that Garrigan has returned because he _____________ Idi.
(a) Loves
(b) Needs
(c) Understands
(d) Hates

3. The headlines from Garrigan's interview imply that he has ___________ on his hands too.
(a) Racism
(b) Blood
(c) Prison
(d) Ignorance

4. What is stolen from Garrigan's bungalow after the rest of the British are expelled?
(a) His journal
(b) His pillow
(c) His money
(d) His passport

5. When Garrigan walks into the secret prisons, he realizes he is hearing a voice - whose voice is it?
(a) His own
(b) No one's
(c) Amin's
(d) Weir's

6. The bothy is supposed to be a ______________ hut, but it has been expanded.
(a) One room
(b) Half a room
(c) Two room
(d) Three room

7. Garrigan realizes he has been rescued by a band of _____________ soldiers after the battle in town.
(a) British
(b) Israeli
(c) Ugandan
(d) Tanzanian

8. What is the name given to the kid soldiers who are not in Mbarara and fighting with others in town?
(a) Crustatas
(b) Kidogos
(c) Trampolos
(d) Terrors

9. What does Garrigan take in order to get into Kenya and to his freedom?
(a) The white truck
(b) Maserati
(c) Land Rover
(d) A boat

10. What kind of stuffed animal head did Garrigan deliver to Swanepoel, as instructed by Amin?
(a) Bear
(b) Lion
(c) Bird
(d) Elephant

11. Who offers Garrigan a room, though Garrigan can tell this is not a very energetic offer?
(a) Weir
(b) Paterson
(c) Amin
(d) Gugu

12. Who reports a mysterious new illness that is spreading throughout African and wants a report published on it?
(a) Nigel Stone
(b) Amin
(c) Garrigan
(d) Peter Weir

13. Where does Garrigan go the next morning after his run in with Amin and the accusations against him?
(a) Airport
(b) Train station
(c) Border
(d) The secret prison

14. Where does Garrigan decide he wants to go since he is already feeling stronger?
(a) Amin's home
(b) Scotland
(c) APC
(d) England

15. For good measure, the Israelis blow up a fleet of __________ that Amin keeps at the airport.
(a) Unmarked cars
(b) Helicopters
(c) MIG jets
(d) Boats

Short Answer Questions

1. With the ___________ coming up, there are many images of Margaret Thatcher on TV.

2. Garrigan is surprised to discover a small ________ on the island where he could have bought supplies.

3. Nestor also sends Garrigan a letter, telling him that ___________ is in trouble and that Garrigan has to help.

4. What city do the Tanzanians reach and then take as a result?

5. What does Garrigan want to take in order to go north away from where he has been?

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