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Giles Foden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Garrigan realizes he has emerged from the forest close to __________.
(a) Kenya
(b) Mbarara
(c) Kampala
(d) Nairobi

2. The chapter opens with a _______________ where everything becomes Amin.
(a) Struggle in the bedroom
(b) Recurring dream
(c) Battle
(d) Storybook

3. Who does Garrigan learn is behind the series of bombs attributed to the Army of the Provisional Government?
(a) Weir
(b) Sara
(c) Nigel Stone
(d) Idi Amir

4. Garrigan goes out in Malachi's _________ along the bay once again at the start of the chapter.
(a) Ferry
(b) Car
(c) Boat
(d) Bike

5. The bothy where Garrigan will now be living includes a ___________ and power as well.
(a) Outhouse
(b) Jacuzzi
(c) Phone
(d) Bathroom

6. The soldiers were distressed to find out they might have killed a __________ as this would make their leader unhappy.
(a) Woman
(b) Child
(c) White man
(d) Black man

7. When Garrigan asks Amin about the stuffed animal head, Amin replies that _________ are exploding all the time these days and no one knows why.
(a) Whites
(b) Pilots
(c) Blacks
(d) Traitors

8. Who does Garrigan finally feel strong enough to help when he gets up in the morning?
(a) The women in the camp
(b) Amin and his army
(c) Medics
(d) Soldiers

9. Garrigan can see the burned spot above his bothy where the Burning of the _________ takes place.
(a) Oppressor
(b) Grasses
(c) Clavie
(d) Angel

10. What is Garrigan charged with when he is captured by the group of men at the dock?
(a) Blowing up the plane
(b) Being a traitor
(c) Helping Amin escape
(d) Poisoning Amin

11. Where does Garrigan decide he wants to go since he is already feeling stronger?
(a) Amin's home
(b) England
(c) Scotland
(d) APC

12. Amin tells the passengers not to try to escape as the terrorists have wired the room with ________________.
(a) Secrity cameras
(b) Booby traps
(c) Explosives
(d) Poison

13. Where is Garrigan sent after his run in with the soldiers and after he is accused of certain travesties?
(a) Spain
(b) Uganda
(c) Nairobi
(d) England

14. What does Garrigan take in order to get into Kenya and to his freedom?
(a) A boat
(b) The white truck
(c) Maserati
(d) Land Rover

15. What whistles by Garrigan as he tries to get to the APC after a gunfight breaks out during his trip?
(a) Bullet
(b) A tank
(c) Bird
(d) Grenade

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Amin accuse Garrigan of the following night after Garrigan's possession has been stolen?

2. Who does Garrigan have to reassure after they have seen the headlines about his involvement with Amin?

3. Who takes Garrigan into custody when he arrives on the dock of the new country?

4. Amin notes that he regrets the death of the ______________ and that his followers did it without his knowledge.

5. When Garrigan walks into the secret prisons, he realizes he is hearing a voice - whose voice is it?

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