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Giles Foden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What meal does Garrigan share with his hospitable note writer from the bus trip into town?
(a) None
(b) Lunch
(c) Tea
(d) Breakfast

2. What is hurting when Garrigan goes to the hospital to examine Idi Amin?
(a) His head
(b) His stomach
(c) His wrist
(d) His foot

3. In June, two ______________ disappear after asking questions about the soldiers and the killings.
(a) Spaniards
(b) Germans
(c) French
(d) Americans

4. Perkins tells Garrigan that Amin will soon be cracking down on the ________ and he is right.
(a) Spanish
(b) Asians
(c) French
(d) British

5. Where does Garrigan decide to write his memoir after his adventures with Idi Amin?
(a) France
(b) Kenya
(c) Spain
(d) Scotland

6. What do Stone and Perkins want Garrigan to do to Amin in order to make him more manageable?
(a) Dose him
(b) Argue with him
(c) Kill him
(d) Distract him

7. Stone says that he has orders to tell Garrigan to ____________, not just incapacitate him.
(a) Leave Amin's compound
(b) Spy on Amin
(c) Kill Amin
(d) Persuade Amin

8. While there is talk of a coup, Garrigan is told not to worry as they generally leave ____________ alone.
(a) Men
(b) Women
(c) Blacks
(d) Whites

9. Who advises Garrigan to get out of the city in order to avoid the coup that is taking place?
(a) Marina Perkins
(b) Dr. Merrit
(c) Sara
(d) Nigel Stone

10. What would have killed Idi Amin during his assassination attempt had he not moved to another seat?
(a) Poison
(b) Bullet
(c) Arrow
(d) Grenade

11. Garrigan is invited to attend the ___________ service in celebration of Amin's marriage to his fourth wife.
(a) Voodoo
(b) Muslim
(c) Christian
(d) Pagan

12. What does Marina offer to bring on the boat trip with Garrigan, when she is invited?
(a) Sunscreen
(b) Life jackets
(c) Picnic
(d) Boat

13. Amin threatens a reporter by saying that no one can outrun a ______________.
(a) Grenade
(b) Bullet
(c) Dictator
(d) Man

14. Garrigan wants to provide an ____________ account of the actions and decisions of Idi Amin.
(a) Illustrated
(b) Eyewitness
(c) Honest
(d) Engaging

15. Amin writes to the Secretary General of the UM, telling him that __________ was right in massacring the Israelis.
(a) Hitler
(b) He
(c) The Ayatollah
(d) Hussein

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the soldier wearing when he boards the bus, making him stand out in the crowd?

2. What is Amin's daughter supposedly suffering from having within her body?

3. What does Idi Amin offer to Garrigan in return for his help with his sprained body part?

4. Who is the ambassador that meets up with Garrigan at the embassy at the start of Chapter 20?

5. Stone says that Garrigan is ___________ in what Amin does if Garrigan does not decide to kill Amin.

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