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Giles Foden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is also in attendance with Garrigan when Idi Amin comes to visit?
(a) Marina Smith
(b) Nigel Stone
(c) Sara
(d) Dr. Dawson

2. Garrigan's life at Mbarara has become _____________ to him, according to his descriptions.
(a) Exciting
(b) Dangerous
(c) Boring
(d) Pleasant

3. Garrigan wants to provide an ____________ account of the actions and decisions of Idi Amin.
(a) Honest
(b) Illustrated
(c) Engaging
(d) Eyewitness

4. Garrigan believes that Amin's delusions of grandeur may be common to all __________.
(a) Dictators
(b) Africans
(c) Men
(d) Ugandans

5. Garrigan takes a long lunch in order to see the ____________ of the Baganda kings.
(a) Homes
(b) Palaces
(c) Books
(d) Tombs

6. What is Amin's daughter supposedly suffering from having within her body?
(a) Coin
(b) A large knife
(c) Embroidery needle
(d) Lego

7. Who tells Garrigan that he/she is restricted by the position of his/her spouse and are bored as a result?
(a) Marina Perkins
(b) Sara
(c) Sasha Amin
(d) Idi Amin

8. Who summons Garrigan again, and Garrigan knows that he will be training Amin once more?
(a) Marina Perkins
(b) Dr. Merrit
(c) Nigel Stone
(d) Gugu

9. What do Garrigan and the other workers have to examine on their own after a day at the clinic?
(a) The food quality
(b) Their own health
(c) Specimens
(d) The water supply

10. Garrigan seems to think that Idi Amin's mother's name may have been ____________, though he is told otherwise later.
(a) Slice
(b) Coke
(c) Pepper
(d) Pepsi

11. Who is the ambassador that meets up with Garrigan at the embassy at the start of Chapter 20?
(a) Amin
(b) Stone
(c) Perkins
(d) Weir

12. Where does Garrigan decide to write his memoir after his adventures with Idi Amin?
(a) Kenya
(b) Scotland
(c) France
(d) Spain

13. What does Garrigan use in order to remedy the problem that Idi Amin is having during Chapter 22?
(a) Cast
(b) Needle
(c) Baseball bat
(d) Medicine

14. Who is NOT a part of the dinner at the Merrits' at the start of Chapter 11 in the book?
(a) Dr. Dawson
(b) Garrigan
(c) Ivor
(d) Sara

15. What meal does Garrigan share with his hospitable note writer from the bus trip into town?
(a) Breakfast
(b) None
(c) Tea
(d) Lunch

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of infestations does the Dr. Ivor Seabrook from England specialize in?

2. Who is the young messenger who delivers the note to Garrigan inviting him to visit?

3. What does Idi Amin offer to Garrigan in return for his help with his sprained body part?

4. Idi Amin actually became the ____________ champion of Uganda, challenging Muhammad Ali to a fight.

5. Perkins tells Garrigan that Amin will soon be cracking down on the ________ and he is right.

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