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Giles Foden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Amin wear when he says that he has been talking to NASA about being the first black man on the moon?
(a) Ceremonial African garments
(b) Space helmet
(c) A toga
(d) Orange jumpsuit

2. Garrigan observes that the __________ helped him get through some bad times with Idi Amin in the future.
(a) Servants of the house
(b) BBC
(c) Merrits
(d) Children

3. Who is NOT a part of the dinner at the Merrits' at the start of Chapter 11 in the book?
(a) Sara
(b) Dr. Dawson
(c) Garrigan
(d) Ivor

4. What is the nickname of the student Garrigan meets while riding on the bus to Mbarara?
(a) Bonney
(b) Gaga
(c) Gugu
(d) Arton

5. Garrigan's life at Mbarara has become _____________ to him, according to his descriptions.
(a) Pleasant
(b) Boring
(c) Dangerous
(d) Exciting

6. What does Garrigan remove from Amin's son in order to cure him of his illness?
(a) A knife
(b) Penny
(c) A stick
(d) Lego block

7. Who is the servant that does not appear when the Merrits call on him to help Garrigan, their new guest?
(a) Nestor
(b) Bonney
(c) Gugu
(d) Obote

8. What is the soldier wearing when he boards the bus, making him stand out in the crowd?
(a) A smoking jacket
(b) Pink fluffy slippers
(c) A concert t-shirt
(d) A wig

9. What is another name for the minibus that Garrigan takes the next day to get to Mbarara?
(a) Moshe
(b) Matatu
(c) Martubus
(d) Mitta

10. Who is the president that is being overthrown by Major General Idi Amin Dada?
(a) President Merrit
(b) President Obote
(c) President Swanepoel
(d) President Mbarara

11. Where does Amin in the picture put his hand on the person that he is about to kill?
(a) His head
(b) His wrist
(c) His shoulder
(d) His knee

12. Amin admits he knew of Garrigan's interest in ________________.
(a) Killing him
(b) Marina
(c) Leaving the country
(d) Traveling the country

13. What does Stone show Garrigan in order to encourage him to try to kill Amin before he gets out of control?
(a) Photos of executions
(b) The secret prisons
(c) Logs of killings
(d) A video

14. What is the subject that Weir, Stone, and Perkins bring up with Garrigan?
(a) Bombings
(b) Lorries
(c) Lunch
(d) Plants

15. Who does Nigel Stone say is a ceremonial official and not Stone's boss?
(a) Colonel Mugabe
(b) Idi Amin
(c) Peter Weir
(d) Perkins

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Garrigan decide to write his memoir after his adventures with Idi Amin?

2. ___________ blames Garrigan for the collapse of the clinic before he leaves the country.

3. What does Idi Amin hit when he is driving his car far too quickly on the roads?

4. When Garrigan is walking through the town, he notices Marina Perkins in a bar with ______________.

5. What kind of pills are given to Garrigan when he sits down for breakfast the next day?

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