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Giles Foden
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 37.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The ____________ have given Israel and the rest of the world a two-day deadline to release a list of prisoners or the hostages will be blown up.
(a) Palestinians
(b) Ugandans
(c) British
(d) Scottish

2. Who is NOT a part of the dinner at the Merrits' at the start of Chapter 11 in the book?
(a) Sara
(b) Ivor
(c) Garrigan
(d) Dr. Dawson

3. What does Amin accuse Garrigan of the following night after Garrigan's possession has been stolen?
(a) Trying to kill him
(b) Betrayal
(c) Cheating
(d) Bad writing

4. What does Amin wear when he says that he has been talking to NASA about being the first black man on the moon?
(a) A toga
(b) Space helmet
(c) Ceremonial African garments
(d) Orange jumpsuit

5. What is the soldier wearing when he boards the bus, making him stand out in the crowd?
(a) Pink fluffy slippers
(b) A smoking jacket
(c) A wig
(d) A concert t-shirt

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sends Garrigan a note, inviting him to come visit him at his home?

2. What does Amin tell Garrigan to do after Garrigan asks about the stuffed animal head?

3. When Garrigan hears what Amin knows, Amin states that is he is pleased to find his _________ has been accurate.

4. Most of the ailments that Garrigan treats at the hospital involve some sort of _____________.

5. Sara tells Garrigan that Israel is always in a ________________ when he tells her what he hears on the radio.

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