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Giles Foden
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 37.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of spy ring does Amin say that he has broken up after the rest of the British are expelled?
(a) Scottish
(b) British
(c) European
(d) German

2. Who is Garrigan called upon to brief as they reported on Idi Amin?
(a) Radio announcers
(b) Terrorists
(c) Photographers
(d) Journalists

3. What does Mrs. Merrit reveal to Garrigan as the reason why Dr. Merrit will not go back to England?
(a) No pension
(b) Illness
(c) No family
(d) Bad relationship with son

4. The chapter opens with a _______________ where everything becomes Amin.
(a) Recurring dream
(b) Storybook
(c) Struggle in the bedroom
(d) Battle

5. The ___________ the group captures sometimes don't even know what country they are fighting in.
(a) Israelis
(b) Libyans
(c) Ugandans
(d) British

Short Answer Questions

1. Barclay is the _____________ who takes Garrigan to the Ministry of Health for his new position.

2. Amin insists that Garrigan ____________ him, and then keep tapes of these sessions.

3. What would have killed Idi Amin during his assassination attempt had he not moved to another seat?

4. ___________ blames Garrigan for the collapse of the clinic before he leaves the country.

5. In which city is Garrigan now stationed after his run in with Idi Amin?

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