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Giles Foden
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 21 | Part 2, Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose death is considered to be the most traumatic thing to have happened to Garrigan?
(a) His dad
(b) His sister
(c) His donkey
(d) His mom

2. In June, two ______________ disappear after asking questions about the soldiers and the killings.
(a) Americans
(b) Germans
(c) French
(d) Spaniards

3. What is the soldier wearing when he boards the bus, making him stand out in the crowd?
(a) Pink fluffy slippers
(b) A concert t-shirt
(c) A smoking jacket
(d) A wig

4. What is the name of the hotel that the taxi driver recommends to Garrigan when he arrives?
(a) Swanpole Hotel
(b) Speke Hotel
(c) Fine Hotel
(d) Idi Hotel

5. What is not working, hindering Garrigan's ability to find Dr. Merrit once he arrives in town?
(a) Taxis
(b) His audio recorder with the directions on it
(c) His car
(d) Phone lines

Short Answer Questions

1. Garrigan's life at Mbarara has become _____________ to him, according to his descriptions.

2. Most of the ailments that Garrigan treats at the hospital involve some sort of _____________.

3. What is the subject that Weir, Stone, and Perkins bring up with Garrigan?

4. What does Garrigan use in order to learn more about the country and the people of Uganda?

5. What is hurting when Garrigan goes to the hospital to examine Idi Amin?

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