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Giles Foden
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 38.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Garrigan observes that the __________ helped him get through some bad times with Idi Amin in the future.
(a) Merrits
(b) Servants of the house
(c) Children
(d) BBC

2. What does Garrigan remove from Amin's son in order to cure him of his illness?
(a) A stick
(b) Penny
(c) Lego block
(d) A knife

3. Idi Amin makes a speech in which he states that all _____________ should go back to their home country.
(a) Asians
(b) Europeans
(c) Australians
(d) Americans

4. Most of the ailments that Garrigan treats at the hospital involve some sort of _____________.
(a) Abuse
(b) Food
(c) Infection
(d) Injury

5. Who reports a mysterious new illness that is spreading throughout African and wants a report published on it?
(a) Peter Weir
(b) Garrigan
(c) Amin
(d) Nigel Stone

Short Answer Questions

1. Garrigan believes that Amin's delusions of grandeur may be common to all __________.

2. Where does Garrigan decide to do as though it were just another normal day?

3. What appears at the center of the pool along with Idi Amin on it?

4. The person who is torn limb from limb, literally, was a supporter of which group?

5. Stone says that Garrigan is ___________ in what Amin does if Garrigan does not decide to kill Amin.

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