The Last King of Scotland Fun Activities

Giles Foden
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Watch the Movie The Last King of Scotland

As a class, have the students watch the recent movie that was inspired by the novel. How does the movie compare to the book?

Recasting the Movie of the Novel

Were the modern movie to be remade again, who might the students cast in the respective roles in the book?

Designing the Movie Poster

Have students create an appropriate movie poster that might compel a viewer to go see the movie, complete with a new movie tag line.

Interviewing Amin

Have students act out some of the conversations Garrigan and Amin shared with each other.

Questions to Ask Amin Were He to be Available for an Interview

Have students come up with a list of questions they might want to ask Amin were they to interview him.

A Map of the Areas of Africa in the Book

Have students create...

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