The Last King of Scotland Character Descriptions

Giles Foden
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His Excellency Idi Amin - This character is the president of Uganda, having seized power in early 1971. He is an actual historical character, but he has been given fictional qualities in the novel.

Kay Amin - This character is the daughter of a clergyman and was once a university student.

Bonney - See Boniface Malumba

Doctor Garrigan - See Nicholas Garrigan

George Garrigan - This character is a Presbyterian minister and a rather solemn man.

Jeanie Garrigan - This character dies from pure grief soon after the death of her husband.

Moira Garrigan - This character receives the tapes and journals her sibling has made of his experiences, and she is able to send them on to the cottage where her sibling writes his memoirs.

Nicholas Garrigan - This character is the novel's narrator, a young Scottish physician who goes to Uganda working for the Ministry...

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