The Last King of Scotland Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Giles Foden
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Part 1, Chapter 1 | Part 1, Chapter 2

• Garrigan takes care of Amin's sprained wrist, eventually become the dictator's personal physician.

• Garrigan attends the Ambassador's Dinner the first evening in Kampala.

• Garrigan feels a little overwhelmed at the dinner, and by the presence of Marina Perkins.

• Amin admits to eating human flesh.

• Garrigan writes his memoir in Scotland after returning home.

• After his medical training, Garrigan decides to go into the Foreign Service, against his father's wishes.

Part 1, Chapter 3 | Part 1, Chapter 4

• Garrigan's trip to Kampala takes 12 hours.

• Garrigan overhears talk about a coup, but is told that since he is white, he should not worry.

• The coup takes place the following morning.

• Garrigan walks away from a woman being beaten in the streets.

• Garrigan is advised to go to Mbarara.

Part 1, Chapter 5 | Part 1, Chapter 6

• Garrigan takes a bus to Mbarara.

• Garrigan is taken off the bus by a soldier, but then bribes...

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