The Last Tycoon Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How is Cecelia introduced at the beginning of the book?

Cecilia is introduced as the daughter of a Hollywood producer, a child who is used to flying all over the world in order to attend school or visit her father.

2. What is Cecelia doing when the book begins?

When the book begins, Cecelia is on a plane, thinking about all the other people on board. There are sure to be other Hollywood people on board, though she does not recognize anyone except for a man sitting across the aisle from her.

3. What does the stewardess talk to Cecelia about at the beginning of the book?

The stewardess stops by to check on her and they begin to discuss a famous actress that Cecilia knows, an actress who flew this route before and discussed her fears about the current political climate with the stewardess.

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