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Chapter 1

• Cecelia is a young daughter of a Hollywood producer. She is in a plane heading back to L.A. She flies often to see her father and go to school.

• Cecelia is thinking about all the other passengers on the plane, knowing some of them must work in Hollywood. She recognizes only one mysterious passenger.
• The stewardess on the plane checks on Cecelia and asks her about an actress she knows who is worried about the political situation of the country.

• When Cecelia's name is mentioned, two men introduce themselves as Wylie White and Mr. Schwartz.
• The stewardess announces that they have to stop in Nashville because of a thunderstorm. Wylie is upset because he was born and raised there.

• Mr. Schwartz doesn't seem bothered about anything but the mysterious man that the stewardess calls Mr. Smith.
• While in Nashville, Wylie suggest going to Hermitage to see...

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