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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is "The Curse"?
(a) An invisible vulture that claws at Jesus's head.
(b) An armor-clad woman with an eagle's head.
(c) A snake with a woman's head.
(d) Mary Magdalene.

2. What does Andrew call Jesus?
(a) "Rabbi."
(b) "Rabboni."
(c) "Messiah."
(d) "Christ."

3. Why does Jesus get trapped in Magdala?
(a) A storm prevents him from leaving.
(b) He is being hunted, and Magdala is the only place where he is safe.
(c) The disciples ask him to wait and meet them there.
(d) The guards are detaining him because they think he is suspicious.

4. How does Simeon respond when Jesus tells him about his dreams?
(a) He agrees with Jesus.
(b) He scoffs at Jesus.
(c) He looks at Jesus, shocked.
(d) He leaves, without saying anything else to Jesus.

5. What is the rabbi's usual cry to God?
(a) "My master!"
(b) "How long?"
(c) "What would you have me do?"
(d) "Sanctuary!"

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Jesus in his dreams?

2. Who pronounces Abbot Joachim dead?

3. What is Barabbas planning on doing in Chapter 1?

4. Why does Simeon rebuke Jesus after the Abbot's funeral?

5. What is Mary doing when Simeon visits?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are Jesus and his disciples hiding in Simon's inn?

2. How does the novel end?

3. What happens to Mary Magdalene in Chapter 30?

4. What happens between Jesus and Mary Magdalene at sunset, on Jesus's first night in Magdala?

5. What does Jesus ask of Judas before he sees Pilate?

6. What do Philip and Judas talk about after Judas leaves Capernaum?

7. Why does Simeon come to see Jesus in Capernaum?

8. Who does Jesus see when he returns to consciousness in Chapter 30?

9. What does Judas see in Jesus's hand that makes him want to follow Jesus?

10. How is Jesus described in Chapter 1?

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