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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is John the Baptist's opinion of Jesus?
(a) There is something he dislikes about Jesus, but he isn't sure what it is.
(b) He is not loving enough.
(c) He is exactly what John imagined the Messiah would be.
(d) He is too soft and sympathetic.

2. What does Mary Magdalene give to Jesus and his disciples to refresh them?
(a) Water with lemon.
(b) Pomegranates.
(c) Goat's milk.
(d) Oranges.

3. What does Peter see on Jesus's forehead as he describes his time in the desert?
(a) A crown of thorns.
(b) Claw marks.
(c) A cross of white light.
(d) Hornlike flames.

4. Why does Jesus get frustrated with his disciples in Chapter 21?
(a) They won't stay and protect him.
(b) They are behaving in a cowardly fashion.
(c) They are refusing to acknowledge him in public.
(d) They fail to understand one of his parables.

5. What does the snake, with the head of a woman, try to convince Jesus to do?
(a) Save Magdalene and live a respectable and productive life.
(b) Venture to Nazareth to see his mother.
(c) Leave the desert, and return to Jerusalem.
(d) Lead the Israelites' revolt against the Romans.

6. What does Jesus's mother wail about in Chapter 21?
(a) Jesus's weakness.
(b) The cruelty of God.
(c) The Messiah.
(d) Mental illness.

7. What does Barabbas accuse Jesus of while he and his disciples are in Jerusalem?
(a) Inciting riots.
(b) Being a heretic.
(c) Being a Roman emissary.
(d) Stealing from the governor.

8. Why does Judas get angry with Jesus in Cana?
(a) He refuses to fight back to save himself.
(b) He is not assertive enough.
(c) He is preaching about the wrong things.
(d) He has wasted help on an enemy.

9. What archangel comes to Jesus while he is in the desert?
(a) Simon.
(b) Gabriel.
(c) Peter.
(d) Michael.

10. What does Jesus request of Judas before entering Pilate's palace?
(a) He asks Judas not to help him.
(b) He asks Judas to present his case to Pilate.
(c) He asks Judas to be ready in case things go wrong.
(d) He asks Judas to pretend he doesn't know him.

11. When Jesus talks about the Kingdom of Heaven, what is Zebedee's response?
(a) He pays attention, and asks intelligent questions.
(b) He banters with Jesus about doing very well in this Kingdom of Heaven.
(c) He is silent and thoughtful.
(d) He becomes fearful, and asks Jesus what he has to do.

12. Jesus sees a vision of what animal stomping on Babylon, Jerusalem, Alexandria and Rome?
(a) A wild horse.
(b) A cougar.
(c) An elephant.
(d) A lion.

13. When confronted by Pilate, what does Jesus deny?
(a) Knowing his disciples.
(b) Being the Messiah.
(c) Being the son of Mary and Joseph.
(d) Being a king, in a political sense.

14. At the paschal meal, what does Jacob vow to do?
(a) To do everything in his power to prevent Jesus's execution.
(b) To exact revenge on his murderers.
(c) To care for and protect Jesus's mother and Mary Magdalene.
(d) To establish a new order, in Jesus's name.

15. Who does Jesus heal in Cana?
(a) Rufus.
(b) Lazarus.
(c) Zebedee.
(d) Ananias.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Pilate feel about Jesus, after meeting him for the first time?

2. What is the subject of the parable that Jesus tells Zebedee?

3. After his time in the desert, where does God bring Jesus?

4. Who beheads John the Baptist?

5. How does Judas respond when Jesus tells him that he is the lamb to be led to slaughter?

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