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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is John sent to Nazareth?
(a) To get Jesus to save Abbot Joachim.
(b) To obtain Jesus's blessing.
(c) To get Simeon.
(d) To tell everyone that Abbot Joachim is dead.

2. Why is Mary Magdalene being chased, by a mob, to Capernaum?
(a) She refused Barabbas's advances.
(b) They think she is a Roman spy.
(c) Barabbas caught her "working" on the Sabbath.
(d) They know of her affiliation with Jesus.

3. Who keeps Philip from murdering Jesus?
(a) Judas.
(b) Zebedee.
(c) Simeon.
(d) Thomas.

4. How does Jesus feel about these dreams?
(a) He is happy about them.
(b) He is tormented by them.
(c) He is puzzled by them.
(d) He is resigned to them.

5. While all the men are in Zebedee's yard, what is Salome overjoyed about?
(a) Jesus is coming to visit.
(b) John is home.
(c) The Romans are leaving Capernaum.
(d) Judas is helping them.

6. When did Jesus first feel the clawing sensation?
(a) At 9.
(b) At 15.
(c) At 12.
(d) At 3.

7. Why does Jesus get trapped in Magdala?
(a) He is being hunted, and Magdala is the only place where he is safe.
(b) The disciples ask him to wait and meet them there.
(c) The guards are detaining him because they think he is suspicious.
(d) A storm prevents him from leaving.

8. What does Jesus tell Simeon when he arrives home and finds Simeon there?
(a) Jesus tells Simeon that he is not the Messiah.
(b) Jesus tells Simeon that he will resist God until he dies.
(c) Jesus tells Simeon to get out of his house.
(d) Jesus tells Simeon that he defies God's will for his mother's sake.

9. What does Jesus tell Simeon he dreams of doing?
(a) Dying and ascending to Heaven.
(b) Leaving Nazareth and starting over somewhere that no one knows him.
(c) Marrying Mary Magdalene and having a normal life.
(d) Becoming the Son of God and God himself.

10. What does Mary want Simeon to explain to her when he visits?
(a) Why Jesus has been chosen as the Messiah.
(b) Why God is forcing Jesus to do things he doesn't want to do.
(c) Why a white dove has climbed onto her knees.
(d) Why she was chosen to give birth to Jesus.

11. Who warns Jesus that Judas intends to kill him in Magdala?
(a) John.
(b) Thomas.
(c) Simeon.
(d) Peter.

12. Jesus realizes that the central figure in all of his dreams is __________.
(a) God.
(b) The Devil.
(c) Judas.
(d) Mary Magdalene.

13. Who is helping Barabbas, in Chapter 1?
(a) The Zealots.
(b) The Israelites.
(c) Zebedee and his workers.
(d) Jesus and his disciples.

14. What is Jesus's response when Judas reveals his intent to kill him?
(a) Jesus invites him to strike.
(b) Jesus reminds Judas that murderers do not go to Heaven.
(c) Jesus calls for help.
(d) Jesus threatens Judas in return.

15. What does Andrew lecture Zebedee and the other men about?
(a) Slavery to the Romans.
(b) Work ethic.
(c) Frivolity.
(d) The Messiah.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jesus's quiet and elusive nature make Jacob suspect about him?

2. What does Simeon tell Jesus's mother, in regard to her son?

3. What is Jesus unable to vanquish?

4. Jacob sees Jesus in Magdala, and mentally compares him to whom?

5. What does Jesus do when he has an obscene dream after seeing Mary Magdalene?

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