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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the clawing sensation stop Jesus from doing when he was twenty years old?
(a) Leaving his mother's house.
(b) Traveling to Golgotha.
(c) Turning his back on his disciples.
(d) Proposing to Mary Magdalene.

2. Who shelters Mary Magdalene in Capernaum?
(a) Zebedee.
(b) Judas.
(c) Salome.
(d) Thomas.

3. Why does Judas waver in his intent to kill Jesus in the monastery?
(a) He sees the light intensify around Jesus's face.
(b) He remembers happy times he and Jesus shared as children.
(c) He feels the invisible claws dig into his own skull.
(d) He hears a noise, and thinks someone might be watching them.

4. What is Abbot Joachim's last speech about?
(a) The imminent arrival of the Messiah.
(b) God's loving and forgiving nature.
(c) Reasons why the Israelites should rise up against the Romans.
(d) Freedom, slavery, and liberation.

5. The ants, the lizard and the butterflies convince Jesus of what?
(a) He should propose to Mary Magdalene.
(b) All are God's creatures.
(c) He cannot save everyone, and must choose wisely.
(d) He is the Messiah, and should begin acting that way.

6. Jesus angers Judas when he talks about what?
(a) Being the Messiah.
(b) Allowing himself to be crucified.
(c) Living in peace with the Romans.
(d) Pitying all of Creation.

7. What are the men doing in Zebedee's yard at the beginning of autumn?
(a) Shaving the wool from his sheep.
(b) Cleaning fish and preparing them for market.
(c) Processing grapes into wine.
(d) Building a boat.

8. Who warns Jesus that Judas intends to kill him in Magdala?
(a) John.
(b) Peter.
(c) Thomas.
(d) Simeon.

9. Where do the ten fishermen work?
(a) Magdala.
(b) Nazareth.
(c) Capernaum.
(d) Jerusalem.

10. Simeon advises Jesus to do what, because it often drives out demons?
(a) Make a pilgrimage.
(b) Be exorcised.
(c) Get baptized.
(d) Get married.

11. After hearing what Jesus says to Simeon, what does Jesus's mother do?
(a) She falls, weeping, into Joseph's arms.
(b) She screams "Adonai!"
(c) She collapses.
(d) She slaps Jesus.

12. What does Jesus do when he has an obscene dream after seeing Mary Magdalene?
(a) Repents in prayer.
(b) Leaves Magdala.
(c) Scourges himself.
(d) Swears to never see her again.

13. Why is Philip afraid to take Judas's side in his argument with Zebedee?
(a) He thinks that Judas is cursed.
(b) He doesn't trust Judas.
(c) Zebedee is his employer.
(d) He is afraid to associate himself with Judas and Jesus.

14. What does the windstorm drive out of the well?
(a) Crows.
(b) Rats.
(c) Beetles.
(d) Snakes.

15. How does Jesus feel about these dreams?
(a) He is puzzled by them.
(b) He is resigned to them.
(c) He is happy about them.
(d) He is tormented by them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who orders Barabbas to leave?

2. Who visits Jesus in Chapter 1?

3. What does the rabbi ask Jesus in Chapter 11?

4. What does Jesus believe about the Messiah?

5. While all the men are in Zebedee's yard, what is Salome overjoyed about?

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