The Last Temptation of Christ Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How is Jesus described in Chapter 1?

Jesus is described as a man who is physically deteriorating at a rapid rate. His nights are spent tormented by nightmares in which he is pursued as "The One." His days are equally distressing, because he is unable to conquer his fears.

2. What does Jesus wonder about his dreams?

Jesus is unable to determine whether it is God or the Devil who pursues him as "The One" in his dreams and nightmares.

3. Why does Judas Iscariot visit Jesus at the beginning of the novel?

Judas Iscariot visits in an attempt to persuade Jesus, who is a carpenter, not to provide a cross for the execution that is scheduled for that day.

4. What are Jesus's beliefs regarding the Messiah at the beginning of the novel?

Jesus does not believe that he is the Messiah, and he has a different conception of the Messiah than the others. He believes that the Messiah will die alone, in rags, at the top of a mountain, wearing a crown of thorns.

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