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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jesus believe about the Messiah?
(a) He does not believe that the Messiah is coming.
(b) He believes that he is the Messiah.
(c) He believes that he will die alone, crowned with thorns, atop a mountain.
(d) He believes that people will not be ready when the Messiah comes.

2. What is Abbot Joachim's response when he meets Jesus?
(a) He looks blissful and says, "You've come."
(b) He screams "Adonai!" and faints.
(c) He is unconscious, and Jesus is unable to wake him.
(d) He looks hopeful, but is convinced by Jesus's conversation that he is not the Messiah.

3. What does Simeon wonder about Jesus when they are at the monastery together?
(a) Why Jesus doesn't marry Mary Magdalene.
(b) What signals Jesus receives from God.
(c) When Jesus began thinking that he might be the Messiah.
(d) What hidden pain devours Jesus.

4. Who is "The Curse"?
(a) Mary Magdalene.
(b) An invisible vulture that claws at Jesus's head.
(c) A snake with a woman's head.
(d) An armor-clad woman with an eagle's head.

5. How does Simeon respond when Jesus tells him about his dreams?
(a) He leaves, without saying anything else to Jesus.
(b) He scoffs at Jesus.
(c) He agrees with Jesus.
(d) He looks at Jesus, shocked.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Philip afraid to take Judas's side in his argument with Zebedee?

2. Why is John sent to Nazareth?

3. What do Judas and Zebedee clash over?

4. What does Jesus tell Simeon when he arrives home and finds Simeon there?

5. In Chapter 6, Jesus leaves home to do what?

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