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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mary Magdalene feel about God?
(a) She is an atheist.
(b) She hates God because he has kept her from being happy with Jesus.
(c) She believes God exists, but does not believe in the same God Jesus does.
(d) She believes in God, but she does not practice a religion.

2. What do Judas and Zebedee clash over?
(a) The price of fish.
(b) How Zebedee treats his workers.
(c) The consequences of the storm.
(d) Greed and the Messiah.

3. Why is Philip afraid to take Judas's side in his argument with Zebedee?
(a) He is afraid to associate himself with Judas and Jesus.
(b) Zebedee is his employer.
(c) He thinks that Judas is cursed.
(d) He doesn't trust Judas.

4. What does Simeon reveal to reassure the people?
(a) Jesus is the Messiah.
(b) God has assured him that he will live to see the Messiah.
(c) Jerusalem will be restored to its former glory.
(d) The Israelites will be successful in their revolt against the Romans.

5. What does Jesus tell Simeon he dreams of doing?
(a) Leaving Nazareth and starting over somewhere that no one knows him.
(b) Dying and ascending to Heaven.
(c) Marrying Mary Magdalene and having a normal life.
(d) Becoming the Son of God and God himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Barabbas planning on doing in Chapter 1?

2. What did the clawing sensation stop Jesus from doing when he was twenty years old?

3. What is Jesus's defense to save himself from God hunting him?

4. In Chapter 6, Jesus leaves home to do what?

5. Who pronounces Abbot Joachim dead?

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