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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 30-33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Jesus as Judas rails against him?
(a) He begins to hallucinate.
(b) He sees the eyes of God in the sky, looking at him with disappointment.
(c) He begins to see that everything around him is an illusion.
(d) His wounds open and bleed.

2. What does Jesus want to do with the existing Laws?
(a) Abolish them.
(b) Jesus doesn't concern himself with worldly Laws.
(c) Expand them.
(d) Keep them the way they are.

3. How does Jesus feel about these dreams?
(a) He is resigned to them.
(b) He is happy about them.
(c) He is puzzled by them.
(d) He is tormented by them.

4. Why does Jesus commit sins?
(a) Because he is human, and therefore imperfect.
(b) To make God detest him.
(c) To convince his followers that he is unworthy of being the Messiah.
(d) To better relate to his followers, because they too are sinners.

5. What does the rabbi tell Jesus, in Chapter 11?
(a) Love is only an idea, unless he who loves is also merciful.
(b) Pity and mercy can save humankind.
(c) Pity must be put into action, through love and mercy.
(d) Pity is not enough; there must also be love.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who orders Barabbas to leave?

2. What does Nathaniel want Jesus to do for him in Magdala?

3. What is Barabbas planning on doing in Chapter 1?

4. The archangel that comes to Jesus in the desert is really whom?

5. Who joins Jesus's group of disciples after their trek from Cana to Capernaum?

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