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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 26-29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jacob sees Jesus in Magdala, and mentally compares him to whom?
(a) Moses.
(b) Zebedee.
(c) Judas.
(d) Elijah.

2. Why is Jesus's mother embarrassed when the cross is hoisted for the first execution in the novel?
(a) Jesus is too weak to hoist the cross.
(b) The man who is to be executed spits on Jesus.
(c) The cross Jesus made tilts.
(d) The crowd taunts Jesus for making the cross.

3. Who orders Barabbas to leave?
(a) Zebedee.
(b) Judas.
(c) Jesus.
(d) Salome.

4. What does Mary want Simeon to explain to her when he visits?
(a) Why God is forcing Jesus to do things he doesn't want to do.
(b) Why she was chosen to give birth to Jesus.
(c) Why Jesus has been chosen as the Messiah.
(d) Why a white dove has climbed onto her knees.

5. What does Simeon wonder about Jesus when they are at the monastery together?
(a) When Jesus began thinking that he might be the Messiah.
(b) What signals Jesus receives from God.
(c) What hidden pain devours Jesus.
(d) Why Jesus doesn't marry Mary Magdalene.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mary Magdalene feel about God?

2. What do the monks want Jesus to do?

3. What does the crowd do to taunt Jesus in Chapter 1?

4. How does Jesus's mother look at him when he struggles and falls under the weight of the cross he built?

5. What does Mary Magdalene do when Jesus and his disciples leave in Chapter 23?

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