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This is the word that pious Jews substitute for the written word in scripture Jehovah, Yahweh or YHWH.


This village is where the protagonist seeks shelter after battling God and Satan in the desert.


This is a small village near Nazareth where the protagonist's mother was born and raised.


This is a thriving fishing village on the western shore of Lake Genesseret.

The Dead Sea and Jericho

This is a thick and poisonous salt water lake that is next to an orchard full of dates and roses.


This beautiful place is, ostensibly, the Holy City of David.

Jordan River

This is the place where John baptizes Jesus.


This hamlet is where Jesus's childhood friend Mary lives.

The Monastery

Jesus' uncle, Rabbi Simeon of Nazareth, spent eleven years here before being tempted to marry and father Mary Magdalene.


This city is a...

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