The Last Temptation of Christ Character Descriptions

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Jesus - This character flagellates himself before bed to prevent dreams.

Judas Iscariot - Early in the novel, this character is referred to as "Redbeard."

Zebedee and Salome, Jacob and John - These characters comprise the most prosperous family in Capernaum.

Mary Magdalene - This character's house has a green door decorated with intertwined snakes and a yellow lizard above the lintel.

Annas and Caiaphas - These characters are the Jewish High Priests who demand the arrest and execution of the novel's protagonist.

Barabbas - This character is a senior officer in the secret order of Zealots fighting the Roman occupation.

Herod - This name is used by the author to refer to several characters.

Jacob the Pharisee and Simon the Lame - These characters are the sons of the protagonist's father from a previous marriage.

Joachim - This character is the abbot of the nameless desert...

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