The Last Temptation of Christ Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1-5

• Jesus has frequent dreams about being pursued because he is "The One," and he wonders upon waking whether it is God or the Devil who pursues him in his dreams.

• Judas visits Jesus, telling him that he cannot provide a cross for the day's crucifixion because Barabbas and the Zealots plan on stopping the execution. Everyone expects the Messiah to join in the fight.

• As Judas wonders whether Jesus is actually The One, Jesus realizes that Judas is the main figure in his dreams. Judas declares that Jesus is a sinner, and no public speaker. He curses Jesus and leaves.
• Jesus feels an invisible vulture sink its claws into his head occasionally. He is unsure if it's God, or a demon. This sensation prevents him from proposing to Mary Magdalene.

• The clawing sensation happens whenever Jesus feels pleasure, and when it comes, it demands that he...

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