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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Stuart Feeley's assistant in the novel?
(a) Mel.
(b) Rob.
(c) Gary.
(d) John.

2. Brill and who tell the kids that they should write their own story and that their papers will run it under the by-lines in Chapter 19?
(a) Steve Jurgenson.
(b) Chip Graber.
(c) Dick Weiss.
(d) Dean Wojenski.

3. Stevie and Susan Carol go back to their hotel and have lunch with whom in Chapter 11?
(a) Their aunts.
(b) Their grandmothers.
(c) Their mothers.
(d) Their fathers.

4. In Chapter 13, Jerry Ventura questions Stevie about what?
(a) Being in his room.
(b) His article.
(c) The atheletes.
(d) Where to find Dick Weiss.

5. Dick Weiss is the sports reporter for what publication?
(a) NBA Monthly.
(b) The New York Daily News.
(c) The Seattle Times.
(d) Sports Illustrated.

6. Coach Graber comes up behind Chip to meet whom in Chapter 19?
(a) "The heroes."
(b) "The brats."
(c) "The kids."
(d) "The reporters."

7. Who had called Jurgenson to check on Chip in Chapter 18?
(a) Bobby Kelleher.
(b) Jerry Ventura.
(c) Coach Graber.
(d) Coach K.

8. In Chapter 12, Susan Carol is sitting next to a sportscaster who is interviewing whom as part of the interview panel?
(a) Chip Graber.
(b) Thomas Whiting.
(c) Tony Kornheiser.
(d) Coach K.

9. In Chapter 14, Stevie, Susan Carol, and Chip arrive at the dean's house at what time?
(a) 12:00 p.m.
(b) 9:30 a.m.
(c) 5:30 a.m.
(d) 3:00 p.m.

10. What character do Susan Carol and Stevie discover has gone missing after giving their statements in Chapter 19?
(a) Christine Braman.
(b) Dean Wojenski.
(c) Dick Weiss.
(d) Jerry Ventura.

11. While waiting for Brill in his hotel lobby to go on his interview, Stevie and Susan Carol hear whose voice in Chapter 15?
(a) Steve Jurgenson's.
(b) Tony Kornheiser's.
(c) Stuart Feeley's.
(d) Thomas Whiting's.

12. In Chapter 18, Steve Jurgenson says it's what that led him to the location of the kids?
(a) The tracking chip in Stevie's cell phone.
(b) Susan Carol's email.
(c) Dean Wojenski's car.
(d) Caller ID.

13. Who do the kids discover was just a lead to throw Chip, Stevie, and Susan Carol off the trail in Chapter 17?
(a) Steve Jurgenson.
(b) Stuart Feeley.
(c) Dick Weiss.
(d) Dean Wojenski.

14. What does FCA stand for in the novel?
(a) Friends of Champion Atheletes.
(b) Foundation of Competitive Atheletes.
(c) Foundation of Champion Atheletes.
(d) Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

15. In Chapter 16, Susan Carol tells Stevie Mr. Feeley is going to talk to whom?
(a) Reverend Anderson.
(b) Steve Jurgenson.
(c) Tony Kornheiser.
(d) Thomas Whiting.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Chip in Chapter 16, Jurgenson told Feeley to go ahead and call whom?

2. In Chapter 12, Susan Carol is about to call Dean Wojenski before they go to what state?

3. In Chapter 19, after the award ceremony, Chip runs over to Stevie and Susan Carol and does what?

4. In Chapter 19, the morning after the game, where do Stevie and Susan Carol go to give their statements?

5. Who claims acknowledgment that the blackmailing plot is his in Chapter 17?

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