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Richelle Mead
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 31, what is Lissa's next step in the monarch elections?
(a) She has to give a speech.
(b) She has to campaign.
(c) She has one more test.
(d) Nothing, she failed the tests.

2. In chapter 19, who interrupts Christian and Lissa just as they are enjoying some alone time together?
(a) Janine.
(b) Ambrose.
(c) Abe.
(d) Eddie.

3. In chapter 36, what lightly veiled threat does Abe make against Dimitri?
(a) That he might suffer a boating accident.
(b) That he might find himself attacked by Abe's bodyguards.
(c) That he might be left alone with a Strigoi.
(d) That he might suffer a hunting accident.

4. In chapter 22, why does Rose suddenly have doubts about where she and her companions have just arrived?
(a) She is afraid of losing the trial of the Dragomir sibling.
(b) She is afraid Sonya might have tricked them.
(c) She is afraid of getting separated from Dimitri.
(d) She is afraid of being caught by the guardians.

5. In chapter 35, what does Rose call Adrian that illustrates in part why they could never make one another happy?
(a) He considers himself a victim.
(b) He is weak.
(c) He is an alcoholic.
(d) He is a womanizer.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 19, whose name does Blake continuously get wrong while Lissa and her friends are speaking to him?

2. In chapter 20, why does Dimitri stop Rose from questioning Sonya Karp?

3. In chapter 35, whom does Jill have a crush on?

4. Who is Ethan?

5. In chapter 21, for what reason does the woman giving the second test say that Lissa's grandfather backed out of the nomination for monarch twenty years before?

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