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Richelle Mead
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 3, from where is Tatiana's casket to be carried to the church?
(a) The palace.
(b) The funeral home.
(c) The courthouse.
(d) The hospital.

2. In chapter 14, who attends the nominations for the monarch candidates?
(a) Only Council members.
(b) Only royal Moroi.
(c) Everyone.
(d) Only dhampirs.

3. In chapter 13, for what reason does Rose give for Dimitri's disapproval of her showing Joshua attention?
(a) He thinks she is encouraging Joshua's affections.
(b) He is afraid it will interfere with their attempts to find Lissa's sibling.
(c) He is jealous.
(d) He thinks she is cheating on Adrian.

4. In chapter 13, who does Ambrose say Tatiana was also sharing her bed with besides him?
(a) Eric Dragomir.
(b) Blake Lazar.
(c) Abe Mazur.
(d) Christian Ozera.

5. In chapter 7, what path does Rose choose to take in order to lose Dimitri outside the hotel?
(a) A busy highway.
(b) A crowded train station.
(c) The road to town.
(d) The woods.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 7, where is Lissa when Rose visits their mental bond?

2. In chapter 11, what does Dimitri tell Rose she should do more?

3. In chapter 2, what does Rose realize is becoming a reality despite her skepticism?

4. In chapter 2, for what reason has Dimitri been placed under house arrest once again?

5. In chapter 18, who fights Dimitri when he begins to release Sonya from her restraints?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who wants to go with Rose, Dimitri, and Sydney when they leave the Keepers settlement? For what reason? Why does Rose refuse?

2. In chapter 11, what does Rose need Sydney to research for her? Why?

3. How does Rose receive visits from people during her sleep? Who is the first to visit her in chapter 10? For what reason?

4. Who is Joe the janitor? What does he reveal to Lissa and Adrian under compulsion about his testimony at Rose's evidence hearing?

5. Why does Rose open herself to see ghost in her jail cell? Does she get the response she had hoped for?

6. Who decides to provide security for Lissa during the monarch tests? For what reason?

7. What does it mean that Rose Hathaway is shadow kissed? What abilities has this left Rose with?

8. What is Lissa's role to be in the funeral for Tatiana?

9. In chapter 11, how do Rose and Dimitri end up in a library? What do they do there?

10. Where did Rose get a note written by her alleged murder victim, Queen Tatiana? What does it say?

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