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Richelle Mead
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 14, what do the Moroi laws state about a person's eligibility to be nominated as a monarch candidate?
(a) That they be of royal blood.
(b) That they have three Moroi royal nominations.
(c) That they have a monarch in their family history.
(d) That they have three family members to nominate them.

2. In chapter 16, what reason does Adrian give Rose for why he often drinks?
(a) To not worry whether or not spirit is driving him insane.
(b) To keep the anger associated with spirit under control.
(c) To limit his ability to use spirit.
(d) To lift his mood.

3. In chapter 11, why does Sydney trade cars with Raymond?
(a) To give the Keepers the chance to use a more modern car.
(b) To travel over back roads.
(c) To avoid cops who might have a description of her car.
(d) Because her car is low on fuel.

4. In chapter 3, who approaches Lissa before the funeral to ask about Adrian?
(a) Daniella Ivashkov.
(b) One of his many girlfriends.
(c) Nathan Ivashkov.
(d) The funeral director.

5. In chapter 7, why does Lissa claim to believe that Rose really is Tatiana's killer?
(a) To protect herself from being implicated in Rose's escape.
(b) To protect her reputation at the Royal Court.
(c) To throw investigators off track.
(d) Because she really believes it.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 13, what does Ambrose think is the most likely motive for Tatiana's murder?

2. In chapter 12, what kind of relationship does Joshua want with Rose?

3. In chapter 8, what does Rose see in the darkness when Sydney leads her from a rural parking lot to a camp site?

4. In chapter 9, what word does the Keeper leader use to refer to Sydney and her Alchemist tattoo?

5. In chapter 6, what does Rose say to the hotel clerk as she races out of the motel seconds in front of Dimitri?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where did Rose get a note written by her alleged murder victim, Queen Tatiana? What does it say?

2. Who visits Rose's dreams in chapter 16? For what purpose? What does Rose reveal?

3. Who wants to go with Rose, Dimitri, and Sydney when they leave the Keepers settlement? For what reason? Why does Rose refuse?

4. Why does Rose agree to return to the motel with Dimitri? For what reason can Rose, Dimitri and Sydney no longer stay at the motel?

5. In chapter 18, what does Robert Doru do to Sonya Karp in order to encourage her to tell them what they need to do?

6. In chapter 10, what does Victor suggest Rose have Lissa due in order to buy them time to find out who really killed Tatiana? How will this delay Rose's fate?

7. In chapter 4, Rose feels guilty when she is forced to attack guardians she knows. Why does Rose attack these guardians and why does she feel guilty?

8. Why does Rose open herself to see ghost in her jail cell? Does she get the response she had hoped for?

9. In chapter 11, how do Rose and Dimitri end up in a library? What do they do there?

10. Who is Ambrose? Why does Lissa suggest they talk to him as she and her friends begin investigating the murder of Tatiana?

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