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Richelle Mead
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 18, how does Dimitri feel after witnessing Sonya's staking?
(a) As though he should have been the one to do it.
(b) As though the healing is a gift that cannot be wasted.
(c) As though he was dreaming.
(d) As though he should have done something to stop it.

2. In chapter 9, in what type of dwellings do many of the Keepers live in?
(a) Crude cabins.
(b) Tents.
(c) Trailers.
(d) Caves.

3. In chapter 3, where does Lissa say Adrian is?
(a) Visiting relatives outside of Court.
(b) Drunk in her own rooms.
(c) Visiting Rose.
(d) Drunk with a couple of Moroi girls.

4. In chapter 11, what does Rose read that makes Mitchell, South Dakota one of the top hundred places to visit in the world?
(a) The Cadillac Ranch.
(b) The world's largest ball of string.
(c) The worlds largest ball of rubber bands.
(d) The Corn Palace.

5. In chapter 4, who is Rose surprised to see working together to help her escape her jail cell?
(a) Eddie and Mikhail.
(b) Adrian and Eddie.
(c) Mikhail and Dimitri.
(d) Dimitri and Adrian.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 14, which of the candidates does Rose favor the most?

2. In chapter 15, for what reason does Christian give Lissa for them nominating her for queen?

3. In chapter 16, what helps Rose identify Sonya Karp's house?

4. In chapter 3, who recently re-landscaped the garden outside the church?

5. In chapter 12, in what language does Dimitri speak when he makes a call to attempt to find Sonya Karp's location?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter 33, who does Rose accuse as Tatiana's killer? What happens when the guardians attempt to arrest Tatiana's killer?

2. In chapter 17, what injury does Rose have that causes her to need time to recover? How did she get it?

3. Where did Rose get a note written by her alleged murder victim, Queen Tatiana? What does it say?

4. In chapter 28, what happens when Rose and Victor fight outside the motel where Victor and Robert were hiding with Jill? Why?

5. In chapter 13, what does Ambrose tell Lissa, Adrian, and Christian about Tatiana's beliefs regarding the dhampirs?

6. What is the nature of Lissa's first monarch test?

7. Who decides to provide security for Lissa during the monarch tests? For what reason?

8. Why does Rose agree to return to the motel with Dimitri? For what reason can Rose, Dimitri and Sydney no longer stay at the motel?

9. What is Lissa's role to be in the funeral for Tatiana?

10. What do Alchemists do for the Keepers that makes Sydney concerned that they might be spotted by other Alchemists? What problem might this cause?

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