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Richelle Mead
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Alberta?
(a) The head of the royal guardians.
(b) The head of guardians at St. Vladimir's Academy.
(c) The head of the Moroi police force.
(d) The head of guardians at the Royal Court.

2. In chapter 13, where does Dimitri tell Rose they are going to go next?
(a) Lexington, Kentucky.
(b) Nashville, Tennessee.
(c) Ann Harbor, Michigan.
(d) Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

3. In chapter 14, why can a member of the Ivashkov family not be nominated for the monarchy?
(a) They are not royals.
(b) They have been dishonored.
(c) Tatiana was an Ivashkov and the same family cannot rule back to back.
(d) They do not have a member old enough to qualify.

4. In chapter 15, what debate rages after Lissa's nomination?
(a) Whether or not the elections should take place before Rose is found.
(b) Whether or not an Ivashkov has the right to nominate a candidate for the monarchy.
(c) Whether or not she can legally run for the monarchy.
(d) Whether or not Lissa is old enough to be a queen candidate.

5. In chapter 8, why is Sydney angry that Rose ruined their carefully laid plans?
(a) She does not want to get in trouble with the Alchemists or Abe.
(b) She hates spontaneous acts.
(c) She was tired and wanted to sleep.
(d) She has no idea where they can go next.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 2, who is with Lissa when Rose visits Lissa through their mental bond, apparently drunk?

2. What is compulsion?

3. In chapter 9, in what type of dwellings do many of the Keepers live in?

4. In chapter 8, what does Rose see in the darkness when Sydney leads her from a rural parking lot to a camp site?

5. In chapter 7, for what reason does Rose insist she must be allowed to go off alone when Dimitri catches up to her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Dimitri Belikov? What happened to him in the previous novel?

2. In chapter 5, how does Rose end up in a mall? What does Rose use as a disguise in this mall?

3. What is the reaction of Hans, Alberta, and the other guardians when Lissa admits that Dimitri and Rose have an intimate relationship? Why?

4. In chapter 18, what does Robert Doru do to Sonya Karp in order to encourage her to tell them what they need to do?

5. In chapter 4, Rose feels guilty when she is forced to attack guardians she knows. Why does Rose attack these guardians and why does she feel guilty?

6. Who visits Rose's dreams in chapter 16? For what purpose? What does Rose reveal?

7. What is the nature of Lissa's first monarch test?

8. Why does Adrian nominate Lissa for the monarchy in chapter 14? Why is this unusual?

9. In chapter 16, how do Rose and Dimitri subdue Sonya Karp? For what purpose?

10. Who are the Keepers? What do Rose and Sydney both find uncomfortable with the Keepers' way of living?

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