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Richelle Mead
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 35, what does Lissa want Jill to do for her?
(a) Represent her family in the coronation.
(b) Attend school with her.
(c) Move to Court.
(d) Stay away from Court.

2. In chapter 30, what does Rose ask Sonya to make for her?
(a) A way into Jill's dreams.
(b) A charm.
(c) A tattoo infused with a spell.
(d) A spirit infused stake.

3. In chapter 27, what is Lissa's final monarch test?
(a) An obstacle course.
(b) A board game.
(c) A history exam.
(d) A riddle.

4. In chapter 19, who meets Lissa when she returns from the first test and assures she has some security around her?
(a) Adrian.
(b) Tasha.
(c) Janine.
(d) Christian.

5. In chapter 33, who moves up to stop the guardians from arresting Rose and Dimitri?
(a) Daniellla and Adrian.
(b) Janine and Mikhail.
(c) Eddie and Mikhail.
(d) Abe and Janine.

6. In chapter 25, what weapon do the guardians chasing Rose and Dimitri use that Rose thinks of as cheating?
(a) Spears.
(b) Knives.
(c) Arrows.
(d) Guns.

7. In chapter 31, how does Mikhail react to seeing Sonya again?
(a) He is indifferent.
(b) He is too shocked to respond.
(c) He is very happy.
(d) He is disappointed.

8. In chapter 22, for what reason does Rose decide to try to sleep while traveling in the car?
(a) To make up for the lack of sleep at Sonya's.
(b) In hopes of seeing Adrian.
(c) To pass the time.
(d) To prepare for what is coming.

9. In chapter 21, for what reason does the woman giving the second test say that Lissa's grandfather backed out of the nomination for monarch twenty years before?
(a) He wanted to spend more time with his family.
(b) He wanted to go back to his business.
(c) He did not think he would make a good monarch.
(d) His health was failing.

10. In chapter 29, why does Rose feel guilty for killing Victor?
(a) He could not have been so bad if he loved his brother.
(b) She has never killed anyone before.
(c) She could have subdued him with less force.
(d) He was a good man who did not deserve to die in such a way.

11. In chapter 23, why does the identity of her biological father surprise Jill?
(a) She did not know her father was rich.
(b) She did not know her father was Moroi.
(c) She did not know John was not her father.
(d) She did not know she was from a royal family.

12. In chapter 34, who does Rose learn won the monarch election?
(a) Adrianna.
(b) Marcus.
(c) Lissa.
(d) Robert.

13. In chapter 22, who decides to stay in the car with Victor and Robert when Rose and her companions arrive at their destination?
(a) Dimitri.
(b) Sonya.
(c) Sydney.
(d) Rose.

14. In chapter 24, who calms Rose after she witnesses the attack on Lissa?
(a) Dimitri.
(b) Adrian.
(c) Sydney.
(d) Emily.

15. In chapter 29, what condition does place on a future relationship with Dimitri?
(a) He must promise to never fight a Strigoi again.
(b) He must break up with his other girlfriends first.
(c) He must forgive himself first.
(d) He must promise to quit as a guardian.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 23, why does Emily Mastrano think that Rose sought her out?

2. In chapter 26, what does Lissa notice is unusual about the dead man's hand?

3. In chapter 36, who escorts Lissa to her coronation?

4. In chapter 35, what does Rose call Adrian that illustrates in part why they could never make one another happy?

5. In chapter 20, what kind of food does Rose feed to Sonya that will be her first food since becoming Strigoi?

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