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Richelle Mead
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 31, what is Lissa's next step in the monarch elections?
(a) Nothing, she failed the tests.
(b) She has one more test.
(c) She has to campaign.
(d) She has to give a speech.

2. In chapter 20, why does Robert try to compel Sonya?
(a) To make her return to the house.
(b) To force her to attack Rose.
(c) To force her to tell who the Dragomir illegitimate sibling is.
(d) To make her want to become Strigoi again.

3. In chapter 22, who decides to stay in the car with Victor and Robert when Rose and her companions arrive at their destination?
(a) Sonya.
(b) Sydney.
(c) Dimitri.
(d) Rose.

4. In chapter 22, why does Rose suddenly have doubts about where she and her companions have just arrived?
(a) She is afraid of losing the trial of the Dragomir sibling.
(b) She is afraid Sonya might have tricked them.
(c) She is afraid of being caught by the guardians.
(d) She is afraid of getting separated from Dimitri.

5. In chapter 34, what does Rose discover missing?
(a) Dimitri.
(b) The bond between she and Lissa.
(c) Her battle mark.
(d) Her promise mark.

6. In chapter 21, for what reason does the woman giving the second test say that Lissa's grandfather backed out of the nomination for monarch twenty years before?
(a) He wanted to spend more time with his family.
(b) He did not think he would make a good monarch.
(c) He wanted to go back to his business.
(d) His health was failing.

7. In chapter 22, for what reason does Rose decide to try to sleep while traveling in the car?
(a) To prepare for what is coming.
(b) To make up for the lack of sleep at Sonya's.
(c) To pass the time.
(d) In hopes of seeing Adrian.

8. In chapter 36, what is the classic guardian uniform?
(a) A tailored suit the color of the guardian's Moroi family's crest.
(b) White pants, blue shirt, white jacket.
(c) A tailored suit in the queen's colors.
(d) Black pants, white shirt, black jacket.

9. In chapter 36, who escorts Lissa to her coronation?
(a) Dimitri.
(b) Abe.
(c) Christian.
(d) Mikhail.

10. In chapter 26, what does Lissa notice is unusual about the dead man's hand?
(a) It is missing several fingers.
(b) It is scarred and he had several bent fingers.
(c) It has an extra finger.
(d) It is encased in a bandage of some sort.

11. In chapter 21, what object is Lissa handed and told contains her second monarch test?
(a) A crown.
(b) A chalice.
(c) A scepter.
(d) A silver spoon.

12. In chapter 23, what is Emily's main reason for not wanting Jill to go to Court?
(a) The Court is corrupt and will teach her bad things.
(b) Emily cannot control her behavior at Court.
(c) Her position as Lissa's only family could place her in danger.
(d) Being at Court will allow her too close to Christian Ozera.

13. In chapter 26, for what reason is Eddie in trouble when Rose checks in with Lissa again?
(a) For using deadly force in his guardian duties.
(b) For killing a Moroi.
(c) For failing to protect Lissa better.
(d) For having a stake at Court.

14. In chapter 31, how does the crowd respond to Lissa during the final step in the monarch elections?
(a) They elect her on the spot.
(b) A few cheer her, but most are disapproving.
(c) They go wild for her.
(d) They largely ignore her.

15. In chapter 21, why is Sydney forced to ride in the trunk space of her own car?
(a) She needs to be there to watch for anyone following them.
(b) She is being punished.
(c) It was her choice to be as far from the Moroi as possible.
(d) There is no room anywhere else.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 19, who interrupts Christian and Lissa just as they are enjoying some alone time together?

2. In chapter 32, how does Adrian respond to Rose's theory on who killed Tatiana?

3. In chapter 24, with what type of weapon does a Moroi man attempt to attack Lissa?

4. In chapter 24, who does Rose say helped her recover after her trip to Russia?

5. In chapter 23, why does the identity of her biological father surprise Jill?

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