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Richelle Mead
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 23, who wants to call the guardians on Rose and Dimitri?
(a) Sonya Karp.
(b) Jill Mastrano.
(c) John Mastrano.
(d) Emily Mastrano.

2. In chapter 24, who calms Rose after she witnesses the attack on Lissa?
(a) Dimitri.
(b) Emily.
(c) Sydney.
(d) Adrian.

3. In chapter 21, why is Sydney forced to ride in the trunk space of her own car?
(a) It was her choice to be as far from the Moroi as possible.
(b) She is being punished.
(c) She needs to be there to watch for anyone following them.
(d) There is no room anywhere else.

4. In chapter 21, whose funeral does Lissa find herself attending in a spirit induced vision?
(a) Dimitri's.
(b) Christian's.
(c) Her own.
(d) Rose's.

5. In chapter 20, what does Rose ask Sydney to do with Victor's car?
(a) Hide it.
(b) Disable it.
(c) Crash it.
(d) Move it.

6. In chapter 19, whose name does Blake continuously get wrong while Lissa and her friends are speaking to him?
(a) Tasha's.
(b) Christian's.
(c) Lissa's.
(d) Adrian's.

7. In chapter 32, what motive does Rose suggest that Daniella had for stealing the Alchemist records on Eric Dragomir?
(a) To convince Adrian not to be friends with Lissa.
(b) To hide her complacency in Eric Dragomir hiding the child.
(c) To make spirit disappear and protect Adrian.
(d) To keep Lissa from becoming queen.

8. In chapter 35, whom does Jill have a crush on?
(a) Dimitri.
(b) Eddie.
(c) Adrian.
(d) Christian.

9. In chapter 25, where does Dimitri decide he and Rose should spend the night after fleeing the Mastrano home?
(a) A hotel.
(b) A campground.
(c) A boarding house.
(d) The car.

10. In chapter 36, what lightly veiled threat does Abe make against Dimitri?
(a) That he might find himself attacked by Abe's bodyguards.
(b) That he might be left alone with a Strigoi.
(c) That he might suffer a boating accident.
(d) That he might suffer a hunting accident.

11. Who is Ethan?
(a) Tasha's dhampir boyfriend.
(b) A royal guardian.
(c) Tasha's Moroi guardian.
(d) A newly graduated guardian.

12. In chapter 28, why does Sonya make Dimitri take Robert away after Victor's death?
(a) To stop him from using Victor's gun to kill himself.
(b) To stop him from seeing Victor in death.
(c) To stop him from bringing him back shadow-kissed.
(d) To stop him from alerting the humans in the motel.

13. In chapter 32, who gets the crowd's attention for Rose?
(a) Adrian.
(b) Abe.
(c) Dimitri.
(d) Mikhail.

14. In chapter 35, what does Rose call Adrian that illustrates in part why they could never make one another happy?
(a) He is weak.
(b) He is an alcoholic.
(c) He considers himself a victim.
(d) He is a womanizer.

15. In chapter 34, who does Rose learn won the monarch election?
(a) Lissa.
(b) Robert.
(c) Adrianna.
(d) Marcus.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 22, who decides to stay in the car with Victor and Robert when Rose and her companions arrive at their destination?

2. In chapter 29, why does Rose feel guilty for killing Victor?

3. In chapter 25, how did Sonya manage to escape the Mastrano house despite the guardians?

4. In chapter 24, what does Sydney say she cannot stand to watch even as it is taking place downstairs from her?

5. In chapter 20, what kind of food does Rose feed to Sonya that will be her first food since becoming Strigoi?

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