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Richelle Mead
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 17, what is the first object Lissa finds according the her clues on her map during her first monarch test?
(a) A water bottle.
(b) A tarp.
(c) Food.
(d) A cell phone.

2. In chapter 11, what does Dimitri tell Rose she should do more?
(a) Enjoy the beauty in life.
(b) Watch more movies.
(c) Read more.
(d) Take time off to explore new places.

3. What book does Rose's visitor bring to her?
(a) Twenty Years After.
(b) The Count of Monte Cristo.
(c) The Man in the Iron Mask.
(d) The Three Musketeers.

4. In chapter 4, which guardians come into the cell block and release Rose from her cell?
(a) Mikhail and Meredith.
(b) Meredith and Serena.
(c) Eddie and Mikhail.
(d) Janine and Eddie.

5. In chapter 2, who is with Lissa when Rose visits Lissa through their mental bond, apparently drunk?
(a) Eddie.
(b) Abe.
(c) Dimitri.
(d) Adrian.

6. In chapter 16, where does Rose stab Sonya Karp to give Dimitri the distraction he needs to subdue her?
(a) The leg.
(b) The head.
(c) The shoulder.
(d) The chest.

7. In chapter 9, what does Rose find unusual about Raymond's wife?
(a) She is much older than him.
(b) She is Strigoi.
(c) She is human.
(d) She is much younger than him.

8. In chapter 9, what does Rose find in Raymond's house that is similar to something she often saw in Russia?
(a) The architecture.
(b) The quilts.
(c) The homemade furniture.
(d) The wall decorations.

9. In chapter 17, what do Rose and Dimitri use as torture devices to try to get Sonya Karp to answer their questions?
(a) A silver stake.
(b) Sunlight.
(c) Water.
(d) Garlic.

10. In chapter 8, what does Joe the janitor say is noteworthy about the appearance of the man who bribed him to fudge the time in which Rose arrived at her rooms the night of Tatiana's murder?
(a) He was bald.
(b) There was something odd about his hand.
(c) He dressed in flashy clothing.
(d) He had a scar on his face.

11. In chapter 13, why does Adrian accuse Ambrose of already courting a new lover?
(a) He knows Ambrose has a reputation as a womanizer.
(b) He thinks Ambrose killed Tatiana to be free to date again.
(c) He sees him with a beautiful Moroi client.
(d) He thinks lowly of Ambrose because he chose not to become a guardian.

12. In chapter 16, for what reason does Dimitri decide they should wait until daylight to approach Sonya Karp's house?
(a) To reduce the chances of other Strigoi coming to her aid.
(b) To ensure she will be home.
(c) It will be easier to find the house.
(d) For surprise and to limit her ability to allude them.

13. In chapter 5, how does Dimitri say he knows Rose ran into trouble in the mall without asking about it?
(a) Her shirt is torn.
(b) He saw her.
(c) She is bleeding.
(d) She has bruises on her arms.

14. In chapter 17, what does Lissa see out in the forest while she waits for her first monarch test to end?
(a) A wild boar.
(b) Auras.
(c) The other candidates.
(d) Hidden cameras.

15. In chapter 3, who recently re-landscaped the garden outside the church?
(a) Rose.
(b) Tatiana.
(c) Lissa.
(d) Mia.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 11, what kind of clothing does Rose wear in her dream with Adrian?

2. In chapter 7, what motive does Lissa assign to Dimitri for helping Rose escape jail?

3. In chapter 15, what type of shop does the Strigoi, Donovan, run?

4. In chapter 6, what does Rose say to the hotel clerk as she races out of the motel seconds in front of Dimitri?

5. Who comes to visit Rose in the first chapter of the novel?

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