Last Sacrifice: A Vampire Academy Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

Richelle Mead
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1. What does it mean that Rose Hathaway is shadow kissed? What abilities has this left Rose with?

Rose is shadow kissed, a term that refers to the fact that Rose's best friend, Lissa Dragomir, brought Rose back from death after a car accident, causing them to become bonded. This bond allows Rose to enter Lissa's mind and see her thoughts and feelings as well as experience what Lissa is experience. This bond also allows Rose to sense Strigoi, undead vampires, when they are near by becoming nauseous. Rose can also see dead spirits.

2. Who is Dimitri Belikov? What happened to him in the previous novel?

Dimitri Belikov is a dhampir guardian. In earlier novels in this series, Dimitri was turned into a Strigoi during a rescue mission to save students and teachers taken by Strigoi during an attack on St. Vladimir's Academy. Rose and Dimitri were lovers before this and Rose knew that Dimitri would not want to live that way, so she attempted to find him and kill him. Rose found Dimitri in Russia, but failed to kill him. However, Rose later learned of a way to heal Strigoi and her friend, Lissa, was able to heal Dimitri and return him to his dhampir form. Unfortunately, the experience of being Strigoi has left Dimitri unable or unwilling to continue his love affair with Rose.

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