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Richelle Mead
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 29 and 30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 15, what debate rages after Lissa's nomination?
(a) Whether or not she can legally run for the monarchy.
(b) Whether or not the elections should take place before Rose is found.
(c) Whether or not an Ivashkov has the right to nominate a candidate for the monarchy.
(d) Whether or not Lissa is old enough to be a queen candidate.

2. In chapter 4, why does Rose try to stop Dimitri from fleeing the Court compound with her?
(a) To keep him from danger.
(b) To satisfy Adrian's jealousy.
(c) Out of fear of his violent tendencies.
(d) To protect him from further discrimination due to his previous Strigoi status.

3. In chapter 30, what does Rose ask Sonya to make for her?
(a) A tattoo infused with a spell.
(b) A charm.
(c) A spirit infused stake.
(d) A way into Jill's dreams.

4. In chapter 20, why does Robert try to compel Sonya?
(a) To make her want to become Strigoi again.
(b) To force her to tell who the Dragomir illegitimate sibling is.
(c) To make her return to the house.
(d) To force her to attack Rose.

5. In chapter 28, why does Sonya make Dimitri take Robert away after Victor's death?
(a) To stop him from bringing him back shadow-kissed.
(b) To stop him from alerting the humans in the motel.
(c) To stop him from using Victor's gun to kill himself.
(d) To stop him from seeing Victor in death.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 16, how do Rose and Dimitri secure Sonya Karp so that her Strigoi strength does not allow her to break free and attack them?

2. In chapter 3, who recently re-landscaped the garden outside the church?

3. In chapter 7, what path does Rose choose to take in order to lose Dimitri outside the hotel?

4. In chapter 3, where does Lissa say Adrian is?

5. In chapter 20, why does Dimitri stop Rose from questioning Sonya Karp?

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