Objects & Places from Last Sacrifice: A Vampire Academy Novel

Richelle Mead
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Object Descriptions

Alchemists - This is a organization of humans designed to help keep the truth of vampires secret from the general human population.

Dot Tattoo - This is infused with magic to keep candidates for king/queen from talking about the tests required of each candidate.

Silver Stake - These are used to kill Strigoi. These can also be infused with spirit and when wielded by a spirit user can heal a Strigoi, returning them to their original form.

West Virgina - This is where Rose is meant to hide out until proof of innocence can be found. However, during a fight with Dimitri, Rose lures the police to their hideout and they have to move on.

Michigan - This is where Sonia Karp lives and where Sonia leads Rose and the others to Lissa's illegitimate sibling.

St. Vladimir's Academy - This is the school where dhampir and...

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