Last Sacrifice: A Vampire Academy Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Richelle Mead
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Chapter Abstracts

Chapters 1 and 2

* Rose is in jail, falsely accused of killing Tatiana.

* Rose learns that her trial will take place in two weeks and she will more than likely be executed.

* Rose has a note from Tatiana that claims Lissa has an illegitimate sibling. Rose wonders if the note is real.

* Rose opens herself up to spirits and calls to Tatiana.

* Tatiana appears to confirm that she wrote the note.

Chapters 3 and 4

* Lissa somehow blocks Rose out of their mental bond, keeping Rose from seeing through Lissa's eyes.

* The next day, the bond is open and Rose begins to watch Tatiana's funeral through Lissa's eyes.

* Rose sees a couple of statues explode in the church courtyard and is surprised that Lissa does not appear surprised.

* As chaos reigns outside, Rose becomes aware that many of her guards have left the cell block.

* Eddie and Mikhail come into the cell...

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