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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Vince live for a while with Mandy?
(a) A commune
(b) Berlin
(c) A garage
(d) Ray's camper

2. What does Ray say Jack cannot see the sun doing?
(a) Sparkling on the grass
(b) Sparkling on the lake
(c) Shining in the mirror
(d) Sinking behind a cloud

3. Who asks Mandy for a kiss?
(a) Ray
(b) Vince
(c) John
(d) Jack

4. What was the name of the woman Jack fell in love with?
(a) Rose Tarbuck
(b) Carol Dixon
(c) Daisy Dixon
(d) Jilly Tarbuck

5. What country does Susie want to move to?
(a) Australia
(b) Zimbabwe
(c) France
(d) South Africa

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Ray say Vince has just come from?

2. What does Ray give his winning to Susie to buy?

3. Who does Amy have to see?

4. Where does Jack ask Vince to put the £1,000?

5. What kind of shop did Jack own?

Short Essay Questions

1. What big news did Susie tell Ray?

2. What conversation does Ray remember having with Jack's father, Ronnie?

3. What does jack ask Vince for at the hospital?

4. Why was Vince getting teased at school?

5. Why did Vince start to feel guilt during the trips to the seaside?

6. What does Vic have with him?

7. How does Lenny goad Vince in this chapter?

8. How did Vince change after coming back from the army?

9. What does Ray talk to the bartender about?

10. What was special about at an earlier time in the Coach and Horses in 1984?

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