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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Vic joke about buying?
(a) A funeral home
(b) The Coach and Horse
(c) Margate
(d) The Mercedes

2. What is Vic's profession?
(a) A barman
(b) An undertaker
(c) A butcher
(d) A salesman

3. What does Ray say Carol said before she left him?
(a) Funny how life is
(b) That's the last straw
(c) You are an idiot
(d) Get your bags

4. What is Jack 10 to 1 against doing?
(a) Drinking five pints
(b) Finding a new wife
(c) Beating cancer
(d) Selling his shop

5. What did Vince become during the sixties?
(a) A rocker
(b) A mod
(c) A hippy
(d) A gangster

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ray describe Vince's aftershave?

2. Why did Jack think Ray was fortunate?

3. Who taught Vic his trade?

4. Where did Amy and Jack meet for the first time?

5. What does Ray say is the true center of London?

Short Essay Questions

1. What conversation does Ray remember having with Jack's father, Ronnie?

2. Why do the men feel good as they head towards Margate?

3. Why was Amy disappointed in Jack?

4. What reason does Ray give for Amy not coming on the trip?

5. How does Lenny goad Vince in this chapter?

6. What does Vic have with him?

7. What does Vince say he hated his father for doing?

8. What does Ray talk to the bartender about?

9. How does Lenny provoke Vince as they approach Dartford?

10. How did Ray raise money to pay for Susie's plane ticket?

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