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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who taught Vic his trade?
(a) His best friend
(b) His mother
(c) His father
(d) His uncle

2. What kind of shop did Jack own?
(a) Poster shop
(b) Grocer's shop
(c) Butcher's shop
(d) Book shop

3. What does Vic joke about buying?
(a) A funeral home
(b) The Coach and Horse
(c) Margate
(d) The Mercedes

4. What is the name of the horse Ray puts money on?
(a) Pink Saliva
(b) Desert Orchid
(c) Silver Lord
(d) Hello Dandy

5. Which character does Ray say always has clean hands?
(a) Jack
(b) Lenny
(c) Polly
(d) Vic

6. What does Jack tell Vic he is planning to sell?
(a) His shop
(b) His car
(c) His house
(d) His clothes

7. What does Ray say is almost as blue as the car?
(a) A bus
(b) The sky
(c) Vince's shirt
(d) The language

8. What is the name of the men's pub?
(a) The Red Lion
(b) The White Swan
(c) The Coach and Horses
(d) The Rose and Crown

9. Who did Amy remind Ray of when she cried?
(a) Daisy
(b) Mandy
(c) Sally
(d) Carol

10. What kind of flowers are on the grass verges near Greenwich Park?
(a) Fox gloves
(b) Daffodils
(c) Tulips
(d) Roses

11. What is the name of Jack's wife?
(a) Jody
(b) Amy
(c) Polly
(d) Hannah

12. Which of the characters defends Amy?
(a) Lenny
(b) Ray
(c) Vic
(d) Vince

13. Where did Amy and Jack meet for the first time?
(a) Wick's Farm
(b) Pride Farm
(c) Gaymer's Farm
(d) Womble Farm

14. What does Ray say Carol said before she left him?
(a) Funny how life is
(b) You are an idiot
(c) Get your bags
(d) That's the last straw

15. What does Ray say Vic would be good at?
(a) Boxing
(b) Judging
(c) Singing
(d) Refereeing

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Vic order to drink?

2. Which two characters are negative about Amy not coming?

3. What is Ray's nickname?

4. Who does Lenny ask Ray about?

5. Who does Ray think is the healthiest of all the friends?

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