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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What color legs does Ray say the nurse has?
(a) White
(b) Yellow
(c) Black
(d) Brown

2. What does Ray say Carol said before she left him?
(a) Get your bags
(b) You are an idiot
(c) That's the last straw
(d) Funny how life is

3. When does Ray say he did all of his traveling?
(a) During the war
(b) When he was working
(c) In the 1960s
(d) When he was a child

4. Where does Jack ask Vince to put the £1,000?
(a) Under his mattress
(b) In his wallet
(c) In his bank
(d) In his pocket

5. What does Ray say Vic would be good at?
(a) Boxing
(b) Singing
(c) Refereeing
(d) Judging

6. Who is known as the gambler of the group?
(a) Ray
(b) Vince
(c) Vic
(d) Jack

7. What is Jack 10 to 1 against doing?
(a) Finding a new wife
(b) Beating cancer
(c) Drinking five pints
(d) Selling his shop

8. Who taught Vic his trade?
(a) His mother
(b) His father
(c) His best friend
(d) His uncle

9. What did Jack always want to be?
(a) A policeman
(b) A lawyer
(c) A dentist
(d) A doctor

10. Who does Lenny ask Ray about?
(a) His son
(b) His father
(c) His daughter
(d) His ex-wife

11. What was the name of the woman Jack fell in love with?
(a) Daisy Dixon
(b) Carol Dixon
(c) Rose Tarbuck
(d) Jilly Tarbuck

12. What did Vince become during the sixties?
(a) A gangster
(b) A mod
(c) A hippy
(d) A rocker

13. Where does Ray say Vince has just come from?
(a) The pub
(b) An important meeting
(c) A football game
(d) The showroom

14. Where does Jack make Vince sit?
(a) The back of the meat van
(b) The cellar
(c) The attic
(d) The van roof

15. What is the name of the horse Ray puts money on?
(a) Silver Lord
(b) Pink Saliva
(c) Hello Dandy
(d) Desert Orchid

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Amy have to see?

2. What town do the friends drive through at the beginning of this section?

3. What did Vince think changed the world in the sixties?

4. How does Ray describe Vince's aftershave?

5. What does Ray say clashes with Lenny's face?

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