Last Orders Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Ray talk to the bartender about?

Ray is at the pub talking to the bartender, Bernie. He sips at his pint and talks about them not seeing the last of their friend, Jack.

2. What does Vic have with him?

Vic, the undertaker, arrives with a small, cardboard box under his arm. He puts it on the counter and the others incredulously gather around to read the card on the side. It says "Jack Arthur Dodds." The box contains Jack's remains.

3. What was special about at an earlier time in the Coach and Horses in 1984?

Ray thinks of an earlier time at the pub, the Coach and Horses when he was drinking with Jack, Lenny, and Vince. The year was 1984, the hundredth anniversary of the establishment, and more specifically Vince's birthday.

4. Who do the friends toast in the pub?

The men raise a toast to Jack and then to Vic for performing the service.

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