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The Box / The Jar - This becomes a point of emotion, controversy, and deep thought where the characters question what contents of it really are.

Pint - This is an English measure of beer.

Coach and Horses - This is the main characters' pub of choice.

River Thames - This is the main water route through the city of London.

Fiver / Five Quid - This is a slang term for a five-pound note.

Pound - This is the British currency.

Buzz-bomb / V-1 - This is the German flying bomb used heavily during the Battle of Britain in 1940-1941.

City Centre - This is the European term for downtown.

Canterbury Cathedral - This is the very historical church located in the town of Canterbury.

Blackheath - This is one of the first neighboring towns the group passes through shortly after departing Bermondsey.

Bermondsey - This is the outlying...

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