Last Orders Character Descriptions

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Jack Dodds - He was a Butcher by trade, who secretly wanted to be a doctor. He served in WWII in North Africa with Ray Johnson.

Ray Johnson - He worked in insurance and gambled heavily on the horses in his spare time. He built up quite a reputation as a lucky gambler after the war, but it was more due to his skill with numbers than luck.

Vince Dodds (Pritchett) - He was taken in and raised by Amy and Jack Dodds, becoming their only child in a sense, because their natural daughter was in an institution. He joined the military just to escape the pressure of entering his father's business.

Vic Tucker - He grew to be proud of his career, and learned a sense of dignity, compassion, and subtly that served him well. His parlor was directly across the street from Jack Dodds' shop...

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