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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Siberian taiga known for?
(a) Fine timber.
(b) Treacherous swamps.
(c) Stretches if tundra.
(d) Great lakes.

2. What window do the prisoners have to talk without being spied on?
(a) Three words.
(b) Only three steps.
(c) Only three seconds.
(d) Three breaths.

3. Where is the engineer studying?
(a) Russia.
(b) Canada.
(c) Siberia.
(d) America.

4. What does Joe use to cross Olekma?
(a) A mass of driftwood.
(b) A lumber plank.
(c) A gigantic old floater.
(d) A single drift log.

5. How far away is Joe when Alekhin visits Vanyushin?
(a) Fifty minutes.
(b) Fifteen minutes.
(c) Fifteen miles.
(d) Fifty miles.

6. What puzzles Jack about Yakov?
(a) He carries an AK-47.
(b) He cannot tell if he is fat or muscular.
(c) He cannot understand the man's Russian.
(d) The man can spik Engless.

7. What does Kyra think Wulff wants?
(a) The American captured for himself.
(b) To rise to the top.
(c) Natalya Lebedev.
(d) Nothing to change.

8. What does Mack use to kill the helicopter pilot?
(a) A rifle.
(b) A tomahawk.
(c) A machine gun.
(d) A bow and arrow.

9. What is the quickest way out of Siberia?
(a) Trekking to China.
(b) Riding a deer through Yakutia territory.
(c) Trans-Siberia Railway.
(d) Swimming Lake Baikal to Manchuria.

10. How big is Siberia?
(a) More than five million square miles.
(b) Less than five times the size of the United States.
(c) More than three times the size of the United States.
(d) More than three million square miles.

11. Where is Kyra sent?
(a) Back to Shepilov's office.
(b) The Sikhote Alin Mountains.
(c) To Aldan.
(d) Along the Sea of Japan.

12. Which region would provide Joe more game?
(a) Along the Lena river in the east.
(b) South to the Amur region.
(c) The northern Ob region.
(d) Yenisei lands to the west.

13. Why has the settlement never been found?
(a) No one knows it exists.
(b) They have killed anyone who got near.
(c) The settlement is too well concealed.
(d) The Russians have never tried hard enough.

14. Why does the rest of the village want Mack to stay?
(a) He is a tourist attraction.
(b) He is a good builder.
(c) He has money.
(d) He provides them with meat.

15. What does Shepilov not have in Kyra's eyes?
(a) He is lacking in ambition.
(b) He is not very intelligent.
(c) He is lacking in energy.
(d) He tries too hard.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Joe find it so easy to escape his cell?

2. What are Tungus?

3. Where is Shepilov looking for Joe?

4. What are the four virtues of a Sioux warrior?

5. How much distance is between the wire fence and the white line?

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