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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Joe realize he needs to actually escape Siberia?
(a) More bear skins.
(b) Another pair of mocassins.
(c) Some Sanskrit.
(d) Some rubles.

2. Which region would provide Joe more game?
(a) The northern Ob region.
(b) South to the Amur region.
(c) Yenisei lands to the west.
(d) Along the Lena river in the east.

3. What is the Siberian taiga known for?
(a) Treacherous swamps.
(b) Great lakes.
(c) Fine timber.
(d) Stretches if tundra.

4. What noise alerts Joe to the rail work?
(a) The whistle of a train.
(b) The rumble of a steamroller.
(c) The sound of a tractor.
(d) The squeak of a backhoe.

5. By which river does Joe fall asleep from weariness?
(a) The Amur River.
(b) The Lena River.
(c) The Tsipa River.
(d) The Kalar River.

6. What puzzles Jack about Yakov?
(a) The man can spik Engless.
(b) He cannot understand the man's Russian.
(c) He cannot tell if he is fat or muscular.
(d) He carries an AK-47.

7. Why does Zamatev think Kyra is the best?
(a) She is smart.
(b) She is Shepilov's daughter.
(c) She is the sister of someone important.
(d) She is decended from Russian royalty.

8. When do the Indian people kill a bear?
(a) When the shaman tells them it will bring good fortune.
(b) Only on the first day of spring.
(c) When a bear will not obey commands.
(d) Only when there is need.

9. Why would Joe be expected to make for the Mongolian border?
(a) It is the least distance.
(b) He has family there.
(c) They would sell him weapons.
(d) It is controlled by the British.

10. What did the Alaskan Indian carry over Chilhoot Pass?
(a) Fifty bear hides.
(b) Half a ton of water.
(c) Three hundred pounds of bear meat.
(d) A piano.

11. Where is the engineer studying?
(a) Canada.
(b) Siberia.
(c) Russia.
(d) America.

12. What is the name of the man who tortured Zamatev during the war?
(a) Kyra.
(b) Stegman.
(c) Alekhin.
(d) Bosch.

13. What does the undamaged nature of the new furs suggest?
(a) A Red Indian caught the animals.
(b) The animals were taken with snares.
(c) The animals were taken with traps.
(d) The animals died of natural causes.

14. What does Joe use to cross Olekma?
(a) A mass of driftwood.
(b) A lumber plank.
(c) A gigantic old floater.
(d) A single drift log.

15. What does Mac say he will do to Peshkov if he tries to anything again?
(a) Castrate him.
(b) Maime him.
(c) Kill him.
(d) Turn him in.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the rest of the village want Mack to stay?

2. Which arrow finally kills the bear?

3. Why does Joe think mine workers lived in the old building?

4. What raises Zamatev's suspicions that he is being followed?

5. Why does Zhikarev excite Kyra?

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