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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Zamatev think Kyra is the best?
(a) She is smart.
(b) She is the sister of someone important.
(c) She is decended from Russian royalty.
(d) She is Shepilov's daughter.

2. What happens at more than fifty below?
(a) Metal becomes stronger.
(b) Metal becomes fragile.
(c) Rubber tires melt.
(d) Rubber turns to metal.

3. How much distance is between the wire fence and the white line?
(a) Six centimeters.
(b) Six inches.
(c) Six feet.
(d) Six meters.

4. Why does Mack think Alekhin will be harder to hide from?
(a) He is a marine.
(b) He is an Indian.
(c) He will stop at nothing.
(d) He knows Mack inside out.

5. What rank does Zamatev want by fifty?
(a) Field Marshal.
(b) Sergeant.
(c) Chief Commander.
(d) Colonel.

6. How does Joe dry off after his swim?
(a) By standing in the breeze.
(b) He rolls around in the forest.
(c) By putting on some dry clothes.
(d) Wiping himself with grass.

7. Which berries do little for Joe's hunger?
(a) Kinnikinic.
(b) Chokecherries.
(c) Ptarmigan berries.
(d) Patridge berries.

8. Why has the settlement never been found?
(a) The Russians have never tried hard enough.
(b) They have killed anyone who got near.
(c) The settlement is too well concealed.
(d) No one knows it exists.

9. Where does Kyra think Mack is hiding?
(a) The town.
(b) The village.
(c) The mountains.
(d) The woods.

10. What does Yakov use to wake Joe?
(a) He pokes with his AK-47.
(b) He throws a pebble.
(c) By blowing in his ear.
(d) A loud cough.

11. What is the quickest way out of Siberia?
(a) Riding a deer through Yakutia territory.
(b) Swimming Lake Baikal to Manchuria.
(c) Trans-Siberia Railway.
(d) Trekking to China.

12. Why did the Indians lose to the white man according to Joe?
(a) The Indians did not know how to fight short term battles.
(b) The white man attacked in spring and caught them by surprise.
(c) The white man had better armour.
(d) The Indians were not good at fighting in the cold.

13. Where is Kyra sent?
(a) The Sikhote Alin Mountains.
(b) Back to Shepilov's office.
(c) To Aldan.
(d) Along the Sea of Japan.

14. How has Kyra made sure Zhikrev can't get into China?
(a) She has electronically tagged him.
(b) She has changed the guards on the border.
(c) She has told her men to shoot upon sight.
(d) She has put up road blocks.

15. What does Kyra think Wulff wants?
(a) Natalya Lebedev.
(b) To rise to the top.
(c) Nothing to change.
(d) The American captured for himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Zamatev's coat so unadorned?

2. What characteristic annoys Zamatev when he first meets Makatozi?

3. What is Joe scared he might never have again?

4. Who is Pennington suspicious of?

5. Where is the engineer studying?

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