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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does a Sioux prefer to die?
(a) At a ripe old age.
(b) In battle.
(c) By their own hand.
(d) While hunting great beasts.

2. What advantage in grooming do most Indians have?
(a) Not much facial hair.
(b) Lack of odour.
(c) Straight, easy to manage hair.
(d) Clean skin.

3. What does Mack make sure the village has before he leaves?
(a) A hospital.
(b) Meat.
(c) Money.
(d) Weapons.

4. How big is Siberia?
(a) More than three times the size of the United States.
(b) More than three million square miles.
(c) Less than five times the size of the United States.
(d) More than five million square miles.

5. What animal dislikes Joe's smell?
(a) A forest deer.
(b) A salmon in the stream.
(c) A wild grouse in the trees.
(d) A brown bear.

6. What are the four virtues of a Sioux warrior?
(a) Bravery, generosity, wisdom and fortitude.
(b) Wisdon, ruthlessness, bravery and magnitude.
(c) Generoristy, bravery, intelligence and solitude.
(d) Emotionally detachment, wisdom, fortitude and strength.

7. How many moccasins could Joe make from the reindeer?
(a) Easily nine pairs.
(b) Only one pair.
(c) About 14 pairs.
(d) Only four pairs.

8. What does the undamaged nature of the new furs suggest?
(a) The animals were taken with snares.
(b) A Red Indian caught the animals.
(c) The animals were taken with traps.
(d) The animals died of natural causes.

9. What rank does Zamatev want by fifty?
(a) Colonel.
(b) Field Marshal.
(c) Sergeant.
(d) Chief Commander.

10. Why is Zhikarev so worried?
(a) The recent batch of furs is poor in quality.
(b) His feet are feeling better.
(c) Wulff is normally more reserved.
(d) His cabbage soup is too thin.

11. Which member of the village wants Mack to leave?
(a) Stephen.
(b) Davis.
(c) Peshkov.
(d) Natayla.

12. Where does Mack say he will take both Natalya and her father?
(a) Britain.
(b) Moscow.
(c) America.
(d) Paris.

13. Why do the Soviets capture Makatozi?
(a) They want a bargaining tool for war negotiations.
(b) They are scared he will oust their spy agents.
(c) He is being retrained as a doube agent.
(d) He has information on experimental aircraft.

14. What might aid Joe's dash to the forest?
(a) Thawing of the snow.
(b) Running on all fours.
(c) Fear of being shot.
(d) A sled.

15. What puzzles Jack about Yakov?
(a) He carries an AK-47.
(b) He cannot tell if he is fat or muscular.
(c) He cannot understand the man's Russian.
(d) The man can spik Engless.

Short Answer Questions

1. What noise alerts Joe to the rail work?

2. Why is Kyra so confused?

3. Who does Yakov say is searching for Mack?

4. What is the Siberian taiga known for?

5. Where does Mack tell Stephen to meet him in Chapter 17?

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